What is Sodium hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide, better known as lye or caustic soda, is a powerful and corrosive base that is useful not only in cleaning, but in manufacturing as well.

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Caustic soda is an ionic compound made up of a sodium ion and a hydroxide ion. It is whitish and appears in solid form at room temperature. It most frequently appears as flakes, pellets or granules. While it is temperature stable with a melting point of over 600 degrees Fahrenheit, it is extremely soluble, breaking apart completely in water, at which point it is at its most corrosive.

Water-dissolved sodium hydroxide is colorless and odorless. The dissolution reaction is a violent one, in which heat is discharged and bubbling and splashing may occur, so one should not attempt dissolving sodium hydroxide without the proper protective equipment, as severe chemical burns can result.


Sodium hydroxide is the most common, and versatile, strong base used in industry, especially useful in paper and pulp production (25-30% of world demand), followed metal production (typically aluminum), organic synthesis (as catalyst/pH control), and then lastly desulfurization of coal and crude oils.


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