To Our Valued Customers

We want to thank you for your business as we strive to meet all of your needs. The current environment, however, for both inbound and outbound logistics is being impacted by a significant capacity shortage that continues to increase transportation costs at an unprecedented rate.Brenntag North America, Inc. operates one of the finest and largest private fleets in the industry, which has allowed us to weather some of the shortages impacting the broader U.S. freight market. While we continue to work hard to control costs in this very unpredictable environment, it has become necessary for us to add a small delivery fee to maintain the reliable service you have come to depend on in a market where capacity is constrained.

Brenntag Truck and Warehouse

We are sensitive about adding costs and are committed to maintaining our high levels of safety, service and reliability. After careful analysis, Brenntag has established a Transportation Charge that will include our standard fuel surcharge (which is already assessed to customers) and a freight component (which has been newly established) for orders shipped on or after March 15, 2021, as described below:

Transportation Charge Components effective March 15, 2021

Fuel Surcharge (currently assessed)


Freight Component:

  • Packaged Goods: $50.00 per delivery
  • Tank Trucks: $100.00 per delivery

The Transportation Charge will be updated monthly, and the associated breakdown of charges can be found here on our website. Please contact your local sales representative with any questions. We value your business and thank you for your continued support.

Fuel Surcharge Table

Previous Month's Avg. Diesel Fuel PriceSurcharge
Greater ThanUp ToPackageTank Truck

* Based on EIA average US On-Highway diesel fuel prices as published on their website: