An efficient calcium carbonate inhibitor

Aquatreat AR-888 is a superior “non-P” calcium carbonate scale inhibitor in high LSI conditions with extremely low toxicity compared to competitive products. Aquatreat AR-888 eliminates the need for an additional dispersant in formulations, due to its optimized molecular weight.

Aquatreat® AR-888

  • is an efficient calcium carbonate inhibitor with low toxicity.
  • is superior to competitive maleic homopolymers with regards to dispersancy, crystal modification, and calcium sulfate inhibition.
  • can eliminate the need for additional dispersant polymers informulations.

Aquatreat® AR-888 Calcium Carbonate Scale Inhibition

Aquatreat AR-888 utilizes all three polymer scale inhibition mechanisms (threshold inhibition, dispersion, and crystal modification) to provide unmatched performance.

In a static calcium carbonate test, Aquatreat AR-888 provides the minimum acceptable inhibition level of 90% at a dosage of 4 ppm. The competitive solvent maleic homopolymer required twice the dosage and the competitive aqueous maleic needed three times the dosage to achieve the same 90% inhibition.

Dispersion is an important scale control mechanism, keeping any formed scale suspended in the bulk water and preventing deposition onto heat transfer surfaces. Aquatreat AR-888 was designed to have an optimal molecular weight for dispersion of scale as well as other particles found in process water.

Aquatreat AR-888 absorbs onto forming calcium carbonate crystalline surfaces to distort the shape of the growing crystal. Modified crystals are less likely to adhere to each other and to surfaces, so heat transfer surfaces stay clean and efficient. The crystal growth modification properties of Aquatreat AR-888 are superior to that of solvent and aqueous PMA. Aquatreat AR-888 completely distorts the crystal structure, making it difficult to build on itself and therefore unlikely to adhere to surfaces.

Water treatment tanks



  • Superior “non-P” calcium carbonate scale inhibitor in high LSI conditions
  • Reduced polymer dosage to save money and reduce formulation toxicity
  • Lower formulation costs by eliminating additional dispersant formulations
    -- Compared to competitive maleic homopolymers
    -- Extremely low toxicity
    -- Stronger calcium sulfate performance
    -- Better iron tolerance
    -- Easier formulation
    -- Equal bleach stability


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