For many years now, sustainability issues such as health, safety, and environmental (HSE) protection, resource efficiency, and full compliance with laws and regulations have been deeply embedded within our company. They determine how we interact with our employees, suppliers, customers, and society in general and have a direct influence on our commercial success.

We aim to factor in the effects of our business practices on the environment and society in our day-to-day activities when making strategic decisions. To this end, we have established corresponding standards and processes in our international corporate structures. We continuously encourage a sense of awareness among our employees for this issue and provide suitable training. Sustainability is therefore a basic principle which is applied in our day-to-day work. Our goal is the continuous global development of our sustainability strategy.

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As the global market leader in chemical and ingredient distribution, we have a central role in the industry’s value chain. We are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and society that come with our business activities and market position. This role includes an obligation to contribute towards the greater sustainability for the industry, and we aim to achieve sustainable value creation.

The Brenntag Sustainability Report for the Financial Year 2019 provides details on our strategy, programs, and activities in the field of sustainability.

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Together for Sustainability

As a member in the industry initiative “Together for Sustainability”, Brenntag strives to improve sustainability throughout the supply chain.

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By teaming with several leading suppliers, we offer customers a wide portfolio of sustainable products. Contact us for an extensive list of “green” alternative products.

In addition to our sustainable product portfolio, we have implemented several initiatives to aid in the reduction of our carbon footprint. Actions our company has taken in support of our commitment to sustainability include:

Our Approach to Safe & Sustainable Distribution

The Brenntag approach is a commitment to the principles of our Responsible Care and Responsible Distribution Program. This is realized in a variety of ways in the company’s regions and is practiced by every one of our employees. Brenntag is bound by the highest standards in the industry and adopts policies which in many countries far exceed statutory requirements.

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Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE)

We conduct business in a responsible manner designed to provide protection and minimal impact on the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers, and the public.

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Product stewardship, together with employees

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is a first priority for everything we do. With a Job 7 Commitment, we emphasize our responsibility to take care of our customers and their business interests.

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Responsible distribution and safe practices

Responsible Distribution

We work with local, state, and national organizations to increase awareness of environmental protection, human health, worker safety programs, and the responsible use of chemicals.

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