Compliance in North America

We are committed to integrity in our business transactions, in our dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors, and towards our employees and the public. As part of Brenntag, we each have a personal responsibility to act in strict compliance with the letter and the spirit of the laws, policies, and regulations that Brenntag is subject to.

Summaries and highlights of the policies and procedures which are particularly important to our business and for the preservation of our good name and reputation are available to download.

Compliance Contact

Brenntag has established procedures for receiving, registering, and handling complaints and anonymous submissions concerning questionable matters. Confidentiality is assured, and no employee will suffer any consequences for submitting such complaints or anonymous submissions. Third parties (customers, suppliers and the public) may also use the contact.

The Brenntag Compliance contact is available to report possible infringements of laws or policies, affecting companies of the Brenntag Group. This represents an additional facility for alerting the company to evidence of legal infringements.

Hints can be submitted by using a web-based form. All personal details in the web-form are optional and you can leave these fields blank if you wish providing the opportunity to report anonymously. However, anonymous reports do not allow further inquiries and should therefore only be submitted in exceptional cases in which employees or Third Parties have concerns for or fear of personal, professional, or social harm.

Confidential Reporting Hotline:

Brenntag North America provides a third-party hotline for employees to anonymously report fraud, compliance and ethics, and human resources. All calls are confidential and the identity of the caller will remain anonymous.

Call (844) 510-0066

Compliance Contact

Lori Ridyard Brenntag North America, Inc. Assistant General Counsel – Commercial & Regional Compliance Manager

5083 Pottsville Pike Reading, PA 19605

Phone: (610) 916-9481
Fax: (610) 926-0411