Food and Beverage Water Treatment

Food production relies heavily on water and is acknowledged as a vital asset to the industry. Water has many uses in food manufacturing including as a direct ingredient, processing aids, cleaning, sanitizing, boiler feed, and for cooling.

We have water treatment products to meet your food and beverage processing needs for beverage, dairy, fruits and vegetables, meats, and more.

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The importance of food and industry regulations

The food industry is under constant pressure to meet several stringent health and safety and environmental requirements. Regulations are in place to measure the usage of water, the quality of their product, and adherence to discharged parameters.

Food manufacturers realize there is a need to effectively manage water, and proper water management allows for enhancing food safety and compliance with regulations, meeting production requirements, reducing water management costs, and optimizing wastewater management.


Industrial water treatment process for the food industry

1. Pretreatment
2. Preparation: washing, cutting, slaughtering, and sorting
3. Processing: cooking, blending, pasteurizing, mixing, and baking
4. Packaging: canning, bottling, bagging, and freezing
5. Boiler
6. Cooling
7. Wastewater

Water treatment product for food and beverage

Note specific certifications may be needed such as USDA, FDA, GRAS, Kosher, Passover, NSF, and Halal.

Activated carbonBiocidesCoagulants
DefoamersFiltration mediaFlocculants
Heavy metals removalNutrient blendsOdor control
pH adjustersScale inhibitors