Biocides for Biological Control

Uncontrolled biological growth effects a variety of applications

Uncontrolled biological growth can have an adverse effect on many applications including water treatment, preservation, sanitation, oil & gas operations, pulp & paper mill applications, food processing, agriculture operations, and many others.

The proper use of correct biocides have proven to be effective in controlling biological growth and ensuring an effective treatment program. Brenntag is a leading distributer to the cooling water treatment market, and our team is prepared to assist in selecting the correct biocide for your application. We have an extensive product line of biocides to effectively control many of these troublesome production, cooling, and wastewater complications.

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In this article you will learn:

  • Industries Affected by Biological Growth
  • Biocide Chemistries

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Biocide chemistries

We offer the biocides needed to effectively control microbial problems. By utilizing our extensive distribution chain you can use the best biocide for the job. Brenntag has the supply partnerships to provide registered and approved chemistries throughout the United States to save registration time and money.

BCDMHBleachCarbamateSDG Solution 3000 (liquid
stabilized chlorine dioxide)
DichlorGlutaraldehydeIsothiazolin plus bronopolIsothiazolinPeracetic acid
Sodium bromideStabilized bromineTerbuthylazine (TBZ)TrichlorTTPC
PAK®27 AlgaecidePAK® 27 Sodium Percarbonate
*Note: It is a violation of federal law to use these products in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

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Using the correct biocides for your applications is crucial for controlling biological growth and to ensure a proper water treatment system. At Brenntag, we offer a complete line of quality products for the growing needs of our customers involved in treating water.

Our product offerings help protect water systems, ensuring operating efficiency and asset longevity. We know clean water is a necessity, so let us help you find the right products for your water treatment needs.

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