Complementary Products for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

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We provide more than DEF

We are more than Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Below is a small sample of product offerings. We offer various chemical solutions for fleets providing high-quality products with availability across the country from the world’s leading chemical distributor. Product and package options are dependent on geographic area.

Water splash XXL


Acetone, also known as propanone (or 2-propanone), is an organic compound primarily used as an industrial solvent. Acetone serves as an active ingredient in common household and industrial products such as nail polish removers and paint thinners. A colorless, odorless and flammable liquid, acetone is derived from propylene via the cumene process. The United States is the leading global acetone manufacturer, producing approximately 1.56 million tons per year. Learn more .

Deionized water

Also known as demineralized water; used in many industrial applications.

Ethylene glycol

Ethylene glycol, commonly referred to as EG for short, is a chemical ingredient commonly found in antifreeze, refrigerants, and hydraulic fluids. It has many other names, too, including ethylene alcohol, monoethylene glycol (MEG) and 1,2-Etahnediol. As one of the most important and commonly used glycols, ethylene glycol is commercially available and manufactured on a large scale throughout the United States.

We sell various forms of ethylene glycol in varying grades. You can view our entire ethylene glycol product listing online. Learn more .

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Commonly used as a solvent for coatings and as a cleaning agent.


Used in antifreeze, solvent, fuel and as a denaturant for ethanol used in producing biodiesel.

Mineral spirits

You may have heard of mineral spirits by many other names, including white spirits, mineral turpentine, solvent naphtha, petroleum spirits, Varsol, Stoddard solvent or by the generic name “paint thinner.” This solvent is manufactured for both household and industrial use in a wide variety of products. Mineral Spirits can be used as a cleaner or solvent for thinning paints; used as a general metal cleaner. Learn more .

Close up of hand car mechanic refueling and pouring oil fill the oil in the engine, maintenance, and performance in auto repair shop.

Oil dry

Super absorbent, environmentally friendly non-silica based; absorbs liquid spills including water, oil, hydraulic fluid, grease, coolant and more.


Toluene is an aromatic hydrocarbon consisting of a CH3 group attached to a phenyl ring. Its chemical formula is C7H8. Toluene is a commonly used solvent and diluent in paint, paint thinner, and certain glues, where it is responsible for those substances' characteristic odors. On its own, toluene is a colorless, insoluble liquid. Other names for it include methylbenzene and phenylmethane.Common solvent used to clean oil and grease, commonly used as a carburetor cleaner.

We sell various forms of toluene in varying grades. You can view our entire toluene product listing online. Learn more .

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Truck wash concentrate

Mixed 1 part of 15 parts is ideal of spray cleaning trucks and equipment. This concentrate is versatile, environmentally friendly, high strength, and is combined with a dirt lifting foam. Learn more .

Varnish makers and painter

Varnish makers and painter(VM&P) is a petroleum solvent similar to paint thinner, but it is more volatile with a faster drying time. Good for cleaning residues left by tape or labels.

Windshield washer blue

Windshield washer fluid to -20 deg F. For use with any vehicle windshield during all seasons. This washer fluid is pre-mixed and is ready to use. Download the data sheet .

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