What are chemical coatings?

A chemical coating is a thin layer or paint made with polymers that is used to improve the durability and performance of steel, wood, concrete, and other building materials at the industrial or commercial level. An increased focus on longer lifetimes of coatings and coated items saves time and costs while also reducing raw material consumption and air emissions during the re-coating process. This has led to the development of higher-quality, more sustainable prefabricated and custom-built structures.

Waterproofing paint for the roof, repairing leaking roof

Types of coatings

The best coating for a job depends on specific application and what characteristics a builder desires in the building or structure. There are three industry-defined standard coatings, as well as those that use a mixture of elements. Before choosing, consider the following:

  • Metallic: Galvanized steel is a corrosion-resistant metallic coating that protects a building or other structure.
  • Organic: Popular organic coatings include polyester, plastisol and polyurethane. High-tech fluoropolymers like PTFE, FEP and PFA are widely available and commonly used across different industries today.
  • Inorganic: Examples of inorganic coatings are porcelain, zinc and ceramic. These are all versatile inorganic coatings that provide users a greater selection based on their needs and preferences.
  • Combination: Many coatings actually contain a combination of synthetic, inorganic and organic materials, as well as chemicals like pigments, extenders, fillers and solvents. Certain additives also enhance the coatings by improving their process of both application and curing. Some intumescent coatings even contain fire-resistant additives for use in high-heat buildings or areas.

Wet Outdoor Decking Surface

Common uses of coatings

Chemical coatings provide important utility to several professionals throughout different commercial and industrial applications. They’re now used to line tanks that contain water, toxic chemicals and fuel, because all the above might degrade concrete or metal. The coating works to prevent that degradation and protect both the tank itself and the material inside. In addition, painters protect important buildings and structures from different elements using one or a combination of coating types

Use of coating by architectural professional painters

Architectural painting is one of the most common uses of chemical coatings. A variety of coatings can be used on both the interior and exterior of structures to protect treated material from elements like UV rays, corrosion and weather. Structures vary from bridges, commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, offshore drilling platforms and more.

While used most frequently to enhance the durability, performance and longevity of different structures, coatings also provide a certain aesthetic and decorative value when applied properly. They can change the texture, color and opacity while adding elements like non-slip coatings for warehouses and industrial buildings.

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