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Keeping the world in motion – The business environment today is in motion. New demands, priorities, and productivity requirements are shifting constantly. Our Lubricants Team are experts in understanding the evolution of change and aspire to be ahead of the curve in anticipating our customers evolving lubrication solutions and services needs.

Our Lubricants division is the market leader in the distribution of finished lubricants and ancillary products to the automotive, commercial, and industrial business segments. We are a trusted distributor of many of the major OEM brands on the market today.

As the exclusive distributor of Infineum petroleum additives for the fuel and lubricants industries, we offer customizable and unique base oil and components products and packaging to the United States and Canada.

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One of Mobil’s largest authorized distributors

If Mobil wasn’t the best, we wouldn’t offer it. For automotive, fleet, and industrial needs, we have found the Mobil line of finished lubricant products are the best in the business. Your equipment deserves Mobil, your business deserves us.

Lubricant services and capabilities

Providing technical solutions and services

We are more than a supplier. We are a partner that aims to create value for our customers with an experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate team who always puts safety first. We can help you find additional solutions and services to keep your business in motion.

Solving complex technical and logistical problems

Customers who choose us as their chemical distributor also benefit from our in-depth industry expertise. Our technicians and experts boast years of experience and will leverage their industry know-how to improve your market competitiveness, from enhancing your formulas with new ingredients to drawing on our full product range to blend new, innovative world-class products. Our team also understands the importance of meeting the industry’s increasingly complex and demanding technical and safety requirements. As such, our experts are on hand to assist you in the implementation of any relevant legislation.

Serving a variety of market segments

Our Lubricants division serves a variety of industrial, commercial, and passenger vehicle customers, check out the product and service information we offer for these particular customers:

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