Product Integrity

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Product Integrity significance

Product Integrity is not just a matter of quality control; it reflects a company's values and commitment to their customer’s reputation. We value your reputation, which is why we prioritize Safety and Product Integrity in our everyday operations. Safety and Product Integrity are part of our company's core values, and our employees prioritize it every day.

Here’s how we ensure Product Integrity

  • E-Spotter
  • dedicated pumps & color-coded systems
  • process auditing
  • product testing and sample retention
  • bulk receipt checklist and tank inspections
  • rigorous training

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E-Spotter (customer bulk delivery checklist)

E-Spotter is a digital checklist within a mobile application developed by SafetyCulture for drivers conducting bulk deliveries. It is designed to help drivers verify the accurate placement of the right product into the correct tank. Drivers must take photos and ensure a 3-way match by confirming the product name on the Bill of Lading (BOL), the truck's compartment sheet, and the customer's tank.

Additionally, the application serves as a means for drivers to communicate issues, such as:

  • safety
  • tank labeling
  • delivery access
  • tank equipment problems

E-Spotter effectively maintains a comprehensive record of all customer bulk deliveries.

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Dedicated pumps for each oil type

We dedicate pumps for each oil type and established a standardized color code system to enable straightforward differentiation and separation of product families. The primary objectives of this initiative are to minimize the risk of product contamination and decrease unnecessary flush oil usage. The color code system is applied across various operation components, ensuring consistency and effectiveness throughout the operational process.

  • truck pumps and meters
  • facility pump and meters
  • all pump hoses

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Robust Product Integrity auditing system

An extensive auditing system comprised of scheduled annual and unscheduled internal audits of the Product Integrity system. Additionally, suppliers such as ExxonMobil conduct periodic external assessments.

The routine internal auditing covers various aspects, including bulk delivery checklists through E-Spotter, with over 1,000 individual E-Spotter checklists audited monthly. Notably, more than 15% of these audits are conducted "Live," involving the driver at the customer's location.

Further ensuring quality, daily facility inspections and audits are carried out, complemented by periodic site audits conducted by the Product Integrity Team. This comprehensive auditing approach provides a robust evaluation of processes and practices.

Product testing and sampling at every step

Temperature controlled viscometers

Each of our packaging sites throughout North America is equipped with temperature-controlled viscometers. These viscometers undergo weekly inspections using the SafetyCulture application, enabling prompt identification of any potential issues that are immediately reported to the Product Integrity Team and effective traceability.

Visual reference sample stations

At all sites across North America, a visual reference sample station is available and routinely updated. These stations ensure thorough inspections of samples for moisture, debris, and color consistency.

Samples are collected for various purposes, including bulk receipt, bulk delivery, and packaging assessment.

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Sample retention is upheld uniformly across all sites, following a consistent storage approach for various sample types, including:

  • bulk receipt samples
  • bulk delivery samples
  • packaging samples
The retention period spans six months to one year, contingent upon specific product requisites. These samples are securely stored indoors in cabinets to ensure their protection.

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Detailed bulk receipt checklist and tank inspections

The Bulk Receipt Checklist mandates the presence of an unloader and an independent spotter for all bulk receipts. The spotter employs a specialized SafetyCulture checklist to document key aspects.

  • identifying a safe work area
  • verifying the Bill of Lading (BOL) and Purchase Order (PO)
  • confirming product details, trailer number, and tank number
  • verifying certificate of analysis
  • inspection outcomes
  • connection verification
  • mutual sign-off by both the unloader and spotter

Additionally, annual tank inspections cover moisture checks, labeling assessments for tanks and stems, and sampling procedures. It's important to note that all tank-related activities within the SafetyCulture application are seamlessly linked to the respective tank asset to ensure traceability.

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