Brenntag Lubricants is the market leader in the distribution of finished lubricating oil products. We package and distribute fuel additives, lubricant additives, base oils, and specialty chemicals, while supplying a wide range of lubricants for use in passenger and commercial vehicles as well as all industrial equipment. We also offer a range of lubricant-related services including oil condition monitoring, oil storage solutions, surveys, and training. This means you can concentrate on what you do best, while we take care of your lubrication needs.

Our products and services include:

Lubricant Additives

Base Oils

Fuel Additives

Industrial Portfolio

Specialty Products

Solving complex technical and logistical problems

Customers who choose Brenntag Lubricants as their chemical distributor also benefit from our in-depth industry expertise. Our technicians and experts boast years of experience and will leverage their industry know-how to improve your market competitiveness, from enhancing your formulas with new ingredients to drawing on our full product range to blend new, innovative world-class products. Our team also understands the importance of meeting the industry’s increasingly complex and demanding technical and safety requirements. As such, our experts are on hand to assist you in the implementation of any relevant legislation.

Leveraging resources for your benefit

Our experts complement their in-depth knowledge of their home area through their connections to the larger Brenntag network. Our staff is prepared to leverage Brenntag’s unparalleled logistic and geographical resources for your benefit, for example by utilizing our global supply-chain network to reduce your procurement costs for raw materials. Our customers thus reap the benefits that come from working alongside both a company present in every European market and a committed, local Brenntag representative who intimately understands your needs. The results are a degree of professional and technical service, delivered in good time and with minimal complexity.


Passenger vehicle lubricants

  • Fully Synthetic
    As a 100% synthetic oil, our lubricant product provides a greater level of protection and performance for car engines. It is formulated using high performance base stocks and keeps car engines running at optimal performance for a longer time. Ideal for use in all types of cars, it has become the engine oil of choice for more engine builders.
  • Semi Synthetic
    Engineered to provide excellent engine cleanliness and protection for higher mileage vehicles, our semi-synthetic lubricant product is formulated from a blend of synthetic and conventional quality base stocks combined with modern performance additives, including an advanced cleaning additive system.
  • Conventional
    This is a series of premium mineral engine oils designed to provide good protection under everyday driving condition. If your drive is relaxed and easy cruising mostly in good weather, then this is the oil for you.

Commercial vehicle lubricants

From large or small trucking fleets to construction and off-highway equipment, we understand the competitive nature of your business. We offer bumper-to-bumper lubrication solutions - ranging from heavy-duty engine oils, transmission oils, diesel exhaust fluids, and greases – all designed to help enhance your fleet’s productivity and maximize your uptime.

Industrial lubricants

As lubricant experts, we understand the requirements of our industrial customers. We know the importance of improving equipment reliability and reducing downtime. As your lubricant partner, we understand your business and can deliver customized solutions to enhance your productivity.

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