LumaTreat® Fluorescent Tagged Polymers

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LumaTreat® polymers contain high purity fluorescent tagged monomers that provide accurate measurement of the available deposit control polymer and the amount of stress on the water treatment system. This allows the optimization of both polymer and water usage under everyday conditions while preventing scaling during system disruptions, high-stress conditions, or changing water conditions.

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Advantages to using LumaTreat®

LumaTreat® FA and LumaTreat® FB polymers give operators greater control, operational confidence, and timely information. Most formulas can be easily changed out with a one-to-one ratio of untagged polymer to LumaTreat® polymer and this fluorescent tagging technology is compatible with new/existing formulas, phosphonates, and oxidizing biocides.

LumaTreat® tagged polymers can provide early detection of increased scaling tendencies, such as makeup water systems with fluctuating phosphate levels, and can be readily adapted to existing systems using fluorometers, allowing for continuous, in-line monitoring of available polymer.

Benefits of LumaTreat® fluorescent tagged polymers

  • Monitor systems remotely and continuously
  • Quicker response time through early detection of changing conditions
  • Decrease polymer dosage
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Measure available polymer level down to 1 ppm
  • Lower blending costs – fluorescent tag chemically bound to polymer
  • No interference to scale inhibition performance

LumaTreat® tagged polymers product line

Product NameChemistryApplication
LumaTreat® FA 140Multifunctional Sulfonated PolymerPhosphate scale control and dispersancy, as well as carbonate control in stabilized phosphate or neutral pH systems
LumaTreat® FA 210Modified Polyacrylic AcidCarbonate scale control and dispersancy in alkaline pH systems
LumaTreat® FB 187Sulfonated CopolymerPhosphate scale control and dispersancy, particularly in neutral pH/stabilized phosphate systems
LumaTreat® FB 242Hydrophobically Modified CopolymerCalcium carbonate scale control and dispersancy

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