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Nutrient blends

We offer a complete line of products needed to maintain a healthy, well-balanced biological wastewater system. Bioaugmentation is the addition of bacterial cultures, enzymes, and micronutrients to increase the digestion capacity of a wastewater system. In addition to accelerating efficiency, other additives can be used to protect the existing microbial community against adverse possibly toxic substances. We have all the solutions, expertise, and testing solutions needed to assist in product selection for your specific wastewater system application.

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Product NameDescriptionUnit of Measure
Arkea Culture MediaMesh bags of Archaea microbes and other beneficial microbes grown out in an incubator tank for continuous addition.1 lb. bag
Arkea ProBlend An all purpose bacteria and micronutrient pack for sludge reduction and ammonia reduction. Increases nitrification.50 lb. box
BioBoost CR This time release block of bacteria is packed with micronutrients for continuous release in wastewater treatment plants and lift stations.Cylinder
BioTreat CRSpecially formulated carbon source and with micronutrients in liquid.275 gal. tote
Brennfloc Q86Neutralizes the effects of quaternary ammonium compounds in anaerobic lagoons.Pails, drums, totes
CG-80A cost-effective highly concentrated liquid carbon source at approximately 900,000 COD.Drums, totes, bulk
ProBlend 37A high count liquid bacteria product for improved wastewater treatment. This product is perfect for metering in slowly for maximum results.5 gal. pail
ProBlend AB
This product stands for ammonia binder. It will hinder ammonia unavailable for algae in lagoons and perfect for odor reduction due to ammonium compounds.50 lb. box
ProBlend AB-LThis product is the same as Problend AB and comes in a liquid.5 gal. pail
ProBlend CT This unique product actually grows best at temperatures below 45°F. Used for wintertime bacteria addition.1 lb. ws pack
ProBlend FD This enzyme only product is specially designed for the liquification of fats, oils, and greases. It makes the substrate easier for the bacteria to digest.50 lb. box
ProBlend FOG MNThe bacteria in this formula are specially formulated for the reduction of fats, oils, and greases with a micronutrient product.2 lb. ws bag
ProBlend GP4BAn all purpose bacteria for general uses and native bacteria enhancement. Comes in 1 lb. water soluble packs.1 lb. ws bag
ProBlend HCA blend used to treat complex hydrocarbons and high strength waste.1 lb. ws bag
ProBlend LMN Problend LMN stands for liquid micronutrients. This is one of our most effective formulas used to satisfy chemical deficiencies in wastewater processes.275 gal. tote
ProBlend LMN PlusThis is a more concentrated Problend LMN. Can be used for aerobic as well and anaerobic processes.275 gal. tote
Problend MNThis product is especially effective when adding commercial bacteria to a wastewater process to compensate for higher than normal metabolism rates.25 lb. and 50 lb. buckets
ProBlend WSThis product is specially formulated for anoxic environments. Useful for drains, porta potties, and septic systems.1 lb. ws bag
ws = water soluble

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