Foam Control Agents for Water Treatment

Modern urban wastewater treatment plant.

The chemistry of any foam control agent is critical

Incorrect product components can cause production problems, create an oil sheen, foul membranes, or other numerous problems. Our excellent BrennFoam product line has products specifically formulated for many applications.

  • Water-Based: wastewater, cooling water, drilling water
  • Water-Extended: difficult wastewater, industrial processes
  • Oil-Based: mining, oil and gas operations
  • Silicone: general foam control, food applications
  • Synthetic: biological foam control

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Foam can cause problems across a number of different applications

Foam in wastewater plant discharge can create aesthetic problems for the plant’s neighbors. Foam can cause settling problems in clarifiers increasing carryover and cause problems meeting discharge limits. The actual foam in the discharge can generate complaints to local government officials causing discharge fines and penalties.

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Foam from cooling towers can drift into the environment and also create aesthetic problems. Excess foam can cavitate pumps damaging equipment. Foam on equipment can require cleaning, repainting, or repairing of surfaces.

Foam can cause carryover from the boiler causing steam contamination and fluctuation in steam generation. Foaming in evaporators creates operational problems and increased energy demands.

Foam creates poor surface contact in plating or painting. Foam can cause tank and equipment level indicator problems.

Foam can affect the function of cleaners, cause rinsing issues, and create difficulties visualizing the cleaning area

Foam can hide trip hazards, produce slippery floors, and create unsanitary conditions.

We know foam control

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