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Finished Lubricants

As one of the largest Mobil Lubricant distributors in Canada, we provide our customers with the highest quality finished lubricant products and solutions. Our team of Lubricant Specialists are experts at recommending the right lubricant products to reduce costly breakdowns, improve fuel efficiency, reduce total cost of ownership, while achieving productivity goals.

Mobil has been a long-standing partner with Brenntag for many years. Our partnership provides us with highly engineered products that meet and exceed industry standards. Mobil is a global leader in lubricant product development and technical support.

Connecting Customers and Suppliers

At Brenntag, the way we conduct our business is deeply rooted in our core values. All of our business activities and relationships with business partners are defined by these six values: Safety First, Leadership & Accountability, Employee Involvement & Ownership, Commitment to Excellence, Integrity & Responsibility, and Value Creation for Partners.

These values define the very foundation of our company and allow us to make the ultimate promise to connect our customers and suppliers in a winning partnership – globally and locally.

Extensive line of specialty products

To complement our wide-ranging Mobil branded offer, we have available an extensive line of specialty lubricant products to fit your needs.


Passenger & Commercial
Vehicle Oils & Lubricants
Industrial LubricantsAutomotive Specialties
Drive Train OilsChain OilsAntifreeze
Engine OilsCirculating OilsBrake Fluids
Gear OilsCompressor OilsCleaners
GreasesConcrete Form OilsCoolants
Hydraulic OilsCoolantsOil Absorbents
Natural Gas Engine OilsCylinder OilsWindshield Washer Fluid
Tractor Hydraulic FluidsFire Resistant Fluids 
Transmission FluidsGas Engine OilsSpecialty Products
Two-Cycle OilsGear Oils & GreasesCleaners
 Heat Transfer OilsDegreasers
SyntheticsHydraulic FluidsDiesel Exhaust Fluid
Compressor OilsMarine Oil & GreasesSalt Neutralizer
Engine OilsMetalworking CoolantsVehicle Wash
Gear OilsMetalworking Fluids 
GreasesPaper Machine OilsFood-Grade Lubricants
Hydraulic FluidsPneumatic Tool Oils & GreasesFood Machinery & Grade Spray
Transmission FluidsRefrigeration OilsLubricants
 Rust PreventativesGear Oils
AviationSpindle OilsGreases
Aviation GreasesSynthetic FluidsHeat Transfer Oils
Hydraulic FluidsTransformer OilsHydraulic Oils
Jet & Engine OilsTurbine OilsSynthetic Oils
Military-Approved ProductsWay Oils 
  Railroad Lubricants
Process OilsIndustrial SpecialtiesEngine Oils
Naphthenic & AromaticGlycolsGreases
ParaffinicSolvents & DegreasersJournal Bearing Oils

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