Learn Why Price Isn't Always Important


The customer’s SCR system had to undergo extensive work and cleaning, which cost them roughly $10,000.00in repairs and miscellaneous expenses. They immediately switched from their current DEF supplier and beganpurchasing DEF from our team. If the customer had initially purchased from us they would have only spent, onaverage, an additional $198.00 per year (330 Gallons per Month x 12 Months x $.05 per Gallon).

Did you know...

Contaminated DEF can lead to various issues with your vehicles including:

  • Voided vehicle warranties
  • Premature catalyst deactivation
  • Detrimental effects to SCR catalyst performance
  • Lower fuel economy
  • Fouled pre-filters and injector nozzles

Is saving a couple hundred dollars a year worth the risk of having your trucks shut down and taken off the road?

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