Learn Why Price Isn't Always Important

Price isn't always important and here's why

Customer challenges

This customer was quoted for refillable totes by both Brenntag and another competitor. After receiving both quotes, Brenntag was informed that they were $0.05 per gallon higher than the competition. The customer chose to purchase DEF from the competition simply because the competition quoted a lower price. Prior to choosing a DEF supplier, thecustomer purchased a brand-new SCR-equipped truck which shut down due to contaminated DEF. About two monthslater, this customer reached out to Brenntag to learn about DEF testing processes so they could start testing their DEF to spec.

Brenntag's solution

Brenntag informed the customer that they recommend testing each inbound load of DEF with a Misco Refractometer (Model 201 or 202) before filling any vehicle. Unlike other DEF suppliers, when DEF arrives at a Brenntag terminal, the diesel exhaust fluid must undergo an extensive testing process to ensure consistent quality. Brenntag is the only North American DEF distributor with 35 labs that test for DEF quality and concentration. Seven of these labs arecapable of testing to all 18 critical DEF parameters required by ISO 22241.

What Brenntag offers clients

Brenntag provides additional DEF support in various areas including: equipment,sales training and distribution solutions.

Company Type: Truck Fleet

Geographical Location: Houston, TX

Size: 150 trucks, 1 location

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The customer’s SCR system had to undergo extensive work and cleaning, which cost them roughly $10,000.00in repairs and miscellaneous expenses. They immediately switched from their current DEF supplier and beganpurchasing DEF from Brenntag. If the customer had initially purchased from Brenntag they would have only spent, onaverage, an additional $198.00 per year (330 Gallons per Month x 12 Months x $.05 per Gallon).

Did you know...

Contaminated DEF can lead to various issues with your vehicles including:

  • Voided vehicle warranties
  • Premature catalyst deactivation
  • Detrimental effects to SCR catalyst performance
  • Lower fuel economy
  • Fouled pre-filters and injector nozzles

Is saving a couple hundred dollars a year worth the risk of having your trucks shut down and taken off the road?

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