Finding a Solution for an Inconsistent Delivery Network

Inconsistent delivery network case study

Customer challenges

This customer was purchasing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) from a competitor but was bothered with the lack of consistency in the delivery. Almost every time they received an order, it was being delivered by a different supply chain partner. Frequently these supply chain partners would just show up and top off the customer’s tanks with product when they didn’t need the additional inventory. In addition, the customer received invoices from each individual supply chain partner. All of these issues were happening in three different states. This was causing the customer added costs of inventory, time and complexity in their accounts payable department, as well as, increased risk in the lack of security of supply in dealing with many delivering carriers / supply chain partners

Brenntag solution

Brenntag has a dedicated sales force with a focus on bringing value to our customers in need of DEF. Our dedicated Brenntag seller at the account stayed close to the customer continuing to listen to the customer’s issues and needs. He knew with the following available resources we could meet the customer’s needs, reduce their costs, and minimize the time and complexity in buying DEF for their fleet:

  • Over 190 Brenntag DEF stocking locations throughout the US & Canada
  • Brenntag owned and operated truck fleet consisting of over 700 power units
  • Centralized order entry and billing

What Brenntag offers clients like this...

Brenntag provides one-stop-shop solutions for all your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) needs.

Company Type: Truck Fleet

Geographical Location: Syracuse, NY

Size: 500 trucks, 7 terminal locations

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With the customer’s consent, Brenntag began servicing this account and helped the customer reduce the time and complexity with Brenntag’s centralized billing and dedicated DEF delivery network. All of this customer’s DEF deliveries are made using our managed delivery network consisting of either a Brenntag truck or a single certified delivery partner assigned to that area. The customer was pleased with the ease of ordering, our 72 hour delivery commitment and shipping the right quantity at the right time with no surprises. The bottom line of our business relationship is we’ve saved the customer money, time, and decreased the risks in their business.

Did you know...

We are more than Diesel Exhaust Fluid! Ask your Sales Representative how Brenntag can service your other chemical needs. Brenntag AG is the globalmarket leader in full-line chemical distribution with over 10,000 products anda highly diverse supplier base; Brenntag offers one-stop-shop solutions to about 185,000 customers. Our “glocal” company structure provides us with the ability to solve our customer’s local problems with global resources.

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