Available Assets Case Study

DEF customer challenge

High freight costs and issues with DEF stock availability were discouraging for this customer. The customer has a 25 year relationship with one of our DEF competitors from whom they purchase antifreeze so they initially chose them as their DEF supplier as well. Our DEF competitor only has one bulk site in Southern California where they were shipping from this location all the way to Arizona and New Mexico.

Brenntag's solution

The customer’s contract was almost up when they gave Brenntag the chance to sell them on our terminal advantage pricing, logistical advantages, as well as our rail and bulk assets. Brenntag’s distribution model and rail sites were a good fit with the customer’s bulk tank and truck locations in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

What Brenntag offers

Brenntag provides additional DEF support in various areas including: equipment, sales training and distribution solutions.

Company Type: Fuel Distributor
Geographical Location: Southwest USA
Size: 170 convenience store locations

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Customer's results

The customer dropped their current DEF supplier and switched to Brenntag because they saw us as their best DEF supply choice. By switching suppliers, the customer was forced to give up some of their national accounts through their previous DEF supplier. Brenntag is working with this customer to assign them as the distributor for some of our national accounts along with helping them grow organically through sales training sessions and joint calls. This customer has made several deliveries for us with their packaged trucks as well as full bulk loads with their dedicated DEF tankers.

Brenntag has also provided suggestions when choosing the right totes and equipment. Within two weeks of turning over their business to us, we went to each of their sites to qualify their three bulk tanks and three bulk trucks. The customer appreciated our quality standards and our efficient processes.

Did you know?

Brenntag’s dedicated Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) sales force is available for training sessions with your employees. From making joint calls with your sales team, setting up a webinar, or hosting a sales training workshop on-site at one of your locations, our team is here to help you achieve your goals. If you’re interested in scheduling any type of sales training for your employees, please contact your local Brenntag DEF sales representative.

Interested in switching to Brenntag for DEF?

We have been providing DEF solutions to customers, distributors, and dealerships in the North American trucking market since 2009. Our DEF caters to four DEF markets including Automotive, Trucking, Agriculture, and Off Road Applications (Construction, Mining, Marine, and Stationary Generators).

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