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Water treatment

When it comes to waste water treatment, a business will have unique needs and challenges. Whether in a food, paper, waste recycling, textiles, power plant, mineral processing or other industrial facility, or indeed in the municipal waste water treatment sector, our team will identify the requirements and match them with the right technology, product selection and technical backup for an optimum solution which is JUST RIGHT for the business.

Adjacent to the Brenntag Bradford distribution site (1 of the 26 Brenntag locations across the UK & Ireland), the water treatment facility provides an extensive technical backup to the teams of Brenntag business development and account managers operating in the field.

Some of the services provided by Brenntag Waste Water Treatment Laboratory include:

  • Municipal and Industrial Sludge Analysis and Treatment
  • Industrial Waste Water, Drinking Water and Process Water Analysis and Treatment
  • Coagulent and Flocculant Product Selection
  • Antifoam Selection Tests
  • Comprehensive Technical Customer Reports

Brenntag waste water technical support team undertakes complex analysis and testing such as:

Sludge Characterisation Testing

  • Measurement of total dry solids content for sludges and cakes
  • Determination of organics and volatiles
  • Determination of fibre content and ash of fibre
  • Determination of sludge anionic value by streaming current method
  • pH and conductivity
  • Sludge dynamic viscosity

Jar Analysis/Testing

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand
  • Heavy metal and other metal residuals for example, copper, iron, nickel, zinc
  • Suspended solids and non-metals e.g. phosphate, total phosphorous
  • Turbidity
  • Absorbance to determine degree of colour removal
  • pH
  • Sludge dynamic viscosity

Contact our team to discuss your requirements at watertreatment@brenntag.co.uk .

Water treatment lab
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