Customer Experience & Service Excellence

Our vision

Whatever your industry, Brenntag works relentlessly to give customers the most compelling and positive experience possible.

We aim to be the easiest chemicals and ingredients supplier you deal with by being committed to delivering a truly customer focused culture.

It might not always be visible, but what we do is critical in our customers fast paced worlds – and to the supply chain infrastructure that provides the vital products and services around us.

We support thousands of truly amazing companies who are responsible for the nation’s wellbeing, and we’re here to support you by making it easier, no matter the scale of your ambition.

Customer excellence

In the words of our customers

Customer Feedback Locations

The power of your feedback - Thank you

Your feedback helps to shape who we are, what we should focus on, and how we can better understand what’s important to you. Thank you – you’ve sent more than 4000 responses to our surveys in the UK & Ireland in recent years. Your input has been invaluable to help us prioritise the improvements that matter the most to you, innovating and developing our people, processes, and systems- you can see some examples of these in the 'You Said, We Did' section here:

You saidWe did
You told us that you love the quality of our products and that they fit your needs perfectly.We continually assess market trends and listen to you when expanding our product ranges and market focus expertise. We pride ourselves on having the highest satisfaction scores when it comes to the quality of our products.
You told us that sustainability, certification and environmental issues are important to you.Brenntag are a proud member of Together for Sustainability (TfS). Each of our sites are BRC and FEMAS accredited and we're proud to be achieving EcoVadis Gold standard year on year. Our primary focus is that of safety- safety of our colleagues, of the industry and of the general public.
You told us that it was sometimes difficult to find the right contact within the organisation who could support you with your specific questions.We have aligned our teams to provide 3 layers of dedicated, named contacts within Brenntag for all customers.
Click here to request details of your local sales support network.
You told us about the requirements on your business and our industry in terms of digitalisation and new technologies to enable us to cater for the nation’s needs.We've invested heavily in digital solutions and new technologies that help us communicate with you better at each stage of your journey. We're proud to have pioneered digital innovation at the point of delivery to provide immediate proof of delivery.
You said you'd like more flexibility for deliveries.We've extended our delivery windows and now deliver at weekends and evenings from a selection of key Brenntag sites.
You said that you love talking to your local depot teams and would like easier interaction with teams on other sites.We’ve invested in a world class CRM system that makes it easier for us to understand your needs, recording and sharing information to deliver an improved overall experience.
You asked for dedicated contacts to discuss the status of your order/enquiry.We created dedicated teams to formalise our management procedures, investing in new platforms to capture order status, making certain that our issue resolution is quick and efficient.
Getting the right documentation at the right time was at times challenging.We engineered new processes and databases to house our comprehensive suite of technical documents, getting these important elements of your order to you quickly.

Our culture

We truly love what we do. Our teams across the Brenntag UK & Ireland network of sites operate with our customers in mind, advocating that you, our customer, will always have a seat at our table and have your voice heard clearly.

Our 'We Care' culture means we:

Welcome and list to customer feedback

Engage more frequently

Create powerful moments

Assure effective solutions

Respond with speed

Embrace proactive communication

We listen

Every Brenntag site has a dedicated Customer eXperience team who truly embrace the customer focus and are the ambassadors of service excellence.

We would love to hear your views on the Brenntag service you have experienced and invite you to share your feedback with us today here.

Alternatively, please contact your local Brenntag site, or speak with our Group Customer Experience Manager, Sharon Bitcliffe, on 07483 087551.