CASE & Construction Center

Paintbrush on open tins with pigments

Formulating for paint & coatings applications

The Brenntag Coatings & Construction Technology & Innovation Center focuses on industry formulations for adhesives, coatings, construction, elastomers, sealants, and so much more. All while intending to promote new ideas and concepts as customer demands change.This team is sure to receive routine training to keep up with the latest cutting-edge technology and market trends.

Additionally, our chemists work on new product campaigns and provide raw material evaluations, product performance testing, and physical, subjective, and visual testing. These technical services help reduce raw material costs and improve product performance in areas such as:

  • Additives
  • Fillers
  • Pigments
  • Resins and binders
  • Solvents and cosolvents
  • Custom blends

For this team, collaboration and innovation is key in ensuring execution of multiple projects every month, while trying to streamline processes between technical and sales.

Ask our chemists

Get answers to your adhesive, coating, construction, elastomer, and sealant formulation questions from our technical experts!

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A peek into the coatings & construction technology & innovation center

In less than 90 seconds, this video reviews all of the different functions and abilities our lab possesses!

The grand reopening

The newly renovated innovation center is 81% larger than the previous location and was designed by our very own coatings and construction team to be safe and efficient.

Safety features include sound-proof rooms, high visibility windows, and self-locking doors. In addition to these features, the floor in the center was created in collaboration with one of our customers to ensure slip prevention.

We support customers and Suppliers through

  • Providing market trend advice
  • Solving problems and offering solutions
  • Providing formulation guidance
  • Assisting with quality assurance

Our everyday efforts include

  • Competitive raw material evaluations
  • Design and perform product performance testing
  • Formulation recommendations
  • Physical testing
  • Subjective and visual testing

Committed to the following markets & product categories

AcrylicsAdhesivesArchitectural CoatingsComposites
Construction CoatingsCuring AgentsDefoamersDispersants
ElectronicsEpoxiesFillersFumed Silica
Graphic Arts and InksPigmentsPolyesterPowder Coatings
Rheology ModifiersSealants and ElastomersSiliconesSurfactants
UrethanesUV Additives & ResinsVinyls