Brenntag Colours Technical Centre

Color scheme

Located in Halifax, Yorkshire, UK, Brenntag Colours Technical Centre offers a range of services for colour industries including coatings & construction, plastics, polymers, rubber, homecare, cosmetics and many more.

Specialising in speciality pigments and performance products, Brenntag Colours Laboratory offers technical and regulatory guidance around meeting the compliance, performance and aesthetic requirements of particular colour industries applications. The teams of technicians, regulatory experts and colour specialists work to develop new solutions and product ranges, and undertake specific customer briefs to optimise finished product performance.

Richard Heeley, Business Manager Brenntag Colours, says: “We work with customers to develop bespoke products compatible with and most efficient for their systems. The effect of colour on formulation cannot be underestimated. The visual impact of the product is highly emotive, so the functionality, stability, quality and performance of colourants, as well as consideration to cost of production, are crucial for the success of an end product”.

Established over 60 years ago, Brenntag Colours have built a reputation of a renowned supplier of organic synthetic pigments, solvent dyes, and colourants. The product portfolio offers a real added value solutions to the established colour industries, ensuring the highest quality and compliance standards. All batches undergo stringent quality control, as Brenntag Colour laboratories extensively test for consistency in production.

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