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Brenntag Colours

Brenntag Colours offers a range of classical organic pigments for use in coloured masterbatch, compound and rubber products.

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PigmentBricoforChemical TypeCI No.
Yellow 13Yellow GESP*Diarylide21100
Yellow 13Yellow GEP*Diarylide21100
Yellow 14Yellow 2GEP*Diarylide21095
Yellow 17Yellow GXP*Diarylide21105
Yellow 62Yellow RPAzo Salt13940
Yellow 83Yellow 2RWP*Diarylide21108
Yellow 93Yellow 3GPDisazo Condensation20710
Yellow 95Yellow ARGPDisazo Condensation20034
Yellow 110Yellow H3TNPIsoindolinone56280
Yellow 139Yellow 3RPIsoindolinone56298
Yellow 150Yellow 5GNPNickel-Azo-
Yellow 155Yellow 4GPDisazo200310
Yellow 168Yellow 8GPAzo Salt13960
Yellow 180Yellow HGPBenzimidazalone21290
Yellow 183Yellow 5RPAzo Salt18792
Orange 13Orange GSPDiarylide21110
Orange 34Orange 2GP*Diarylide21115
Orange 64Orange CGPBenzimidazalone12760
Red 48:2Rubine CBPCalcium Toner15865:2
Red 48:3Rubine S2BPStrontium Toner15865:3
Red 57:1Rubine 4BSPCalcium Toner15850:1
Red 122Pink 3BEPQuinacridone73915
Red 122Pink 3BYPQuinacridone73915
Red 144Red BRPAzo Condensation20735
Red 149Red KBPPerylene71137
Red 166Scarlet 2RNPAzo Condensation20730
Red 170Red 3RPNaphthol12475
Red 170Red 5RPNaphthol12475
Red 176Red 3CPBenzimidazalone12515
Red 177Red 2BPAnthraquinone65300
Red 185Red 4CPBenzimidazalone12516
Red 208Red 6BPBenzimidazalone12514
Red 214Red 3BPAzo Condensation-
Red 254DPP Red W2BPDiketo-Pyrrolo-Pyrrole56110
Violet 19Magenta 6RPQuinacridone73900
Violet 23Violet 2RXPDioxazine51319
Violet 23Violet 2BPDioxazine51319
Blue 15Blue BLPα - Phthalocyanine74160
Blue 15:1Blue A4RPα - Phthalocyanine74160
Blue 15:3Blue B2GPα - Phthalocyanine74160
Blue 60Blue 3GRPIndanthrone69800
Green 7Green GBXPHalogenated Phthalocyanine74260
Green 7Green GWPHalogenated Phthalocyanine74260
Green 36Green 3GSPHalogenated Phthalocyanine74265
*Diarylides can decompose above 200°C, see ETAD notice No.2 "Thermal decomposition of Diarylide pigments"
Guideline recommendations only. All products must be thoroughly tested in customer's applications to determine suitability

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