Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap 2023

Presenting our Gender Pay Gap Report for the current year, we acknowledge a 28.45% gap between the earnings of men and women within our organization.

It's essential to note that our workforce, much like our industry as a whole, is predominantly male, with 74% of our employees being men, leaving women filling the remaining 26%.

Our Gender Pay Gap is notably influenced by the structure of our Operations teams, where 99% of Yard Operators and Drivers are male, accounting for approximately 38% of our total workforce. Despite the challenges in attracting female candidates to these roles, we've made progress in recruiting female drivers and operators this year.

In addition to our recruitment efforts, we recognise the significance of family-friendly policies in fostering equality. To this end, we are committed to providing enhanced maternity, adoption and paternity leave payments. By providing competitive and equitable support for employees during parental leave, we aim to support individuals in taking time off to care for their families without facing financial strain.

Through these initiatives, we continue to work on cultivating an environment where everyone feels valued and supported. We remain dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion across all levels and departments, driving positive change within our organization and the wider community.

Furthermore, we are actively encouraging more female applicants to our Operations roles. While 34% of our job offers in 2023 were extended to female applicants in other areas of the business, we are committed to increasing female representation across all functions. Additionally, we operate a successful woman into leadership programme and have set a target to have 20% female representation within our senior leadership team by the end of 2030.

Brenntag UK Ltd continues to be an equal opportunities employer, not discriminating based on gender or any other protected characteristic. We believe in appointing the best candidate for the role based on merit. We welcome applications from any gender for any role and are confident that female and male colleagues are paid equally for equivalent jobs throughout our business. Our salary benchmarking ensures fairness, paying based on the margin/banding for each specific job role, rather than gender. Similar roles are compensated equally throughout the business, irrespective of gender.

Brenntag UK Ltd.
Hourly Mean Pay Rate Difference28.45%
Hourly Median Pay Rate Difference-5.70%
Mean Bonus Payment23.23%
Median Bonus Payments Difference3.87%
% Male Receiving Bonus92.35%
% Female Receiving Bonus92.14%
Upper Quartile74.09% Male and 25.91% Female
Upper Middle Quartile62.18% Male and 37.82% Female
Lower Middle Quartile75.65% Male and 24.35% Female
Lower Quartile69.95% Male and 30.05% Female