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Products for trucks, cars and work machines

Brenntag’s Automotive team is committed to fulfilling your needs for industrial chemicals and services, from packaging and shipping to mixing and blending, while engaging with an extensive network of suppliers. As a full-service partner, we deliver tailored, integrated concepts in the form of CPU or CPP modules.


Brenntag Cold Degreasers are a series of fast separating cold degreasers, all of which can be used on wet surfaces. All products in the series have been developed to remove tar, grease, oil and asphalt patches on all types of vehicles. They are also suitable for cleaning engines and tools.

Alkylate gasoline

Alkylate gasoline is mostly used in smaller engines, such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, trimmers, outboard engines and snow throwers. Its name is derived from its production process: “Alkylation” produces the cleanest petroleum-based product possible. Some of these machines emit large amounts of unburned fuel – alkylate gasoline can reduce the exhaust emissions that may have a negative impact on surrounding areas.


Our range of ethanol-based windscreen-washer fluids contain carefully composed surfactants for efficient cleaning of traffic film, insects, and other common dirt. In an industry where there are many different definitions of the term "concentrate", we have chosen to name all our screen-wash liquids after the freezing point of the product to eliminate any possible doubt.

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Keeping you a step ahead of the competition

Our locally based sales teams are experts in their respective regions and offer you comprehensive market and product knowledge. Thanks to continuous training, we’re always aware of upcoming market trends, ongoing regulatory developments in legislation and the release of new applications, ensuring that you’re always one step ahead of the competition. As a full-line distributor, we offer products for every stage in the automotive industry:

  • Press shop and tool manufacturing
  • Car body construction
  • Pre-treatment
  • Paint shop
  • Wastewater treatment and coagulation
  • Assembly
  • Components
  • Production facility services, energy supply and facility media supply
  • Maintenance (degreasers, screenwashes, antifreezing products, HTF & cooling/thermo liquids)
  • After sales

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