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From innovation and application expertise to rigorous quality assurance, our passionate food experts offer services and tailor-made solutions that encompass commercial brilliance, technical excellence and valuable market insights. With an unwavering commitment to your success, we infuse every project with our enthusiasm and unparalleled dedication.

We genuinely love what we do, and are always eager to share our food industry insights and specialist knowledge. Get in touch with us today and discover the creative, tailored solutions we have in store for you. Our dedicated team is ready to dive deep into your unique challenges and aspirations, tailoring our expertise to suit your specific needs for the Food & Nutrition industry.

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We’re your global partner in the Food & Nutrition industry: Delivering quality, sustainability and innovative solutions worldwide

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We’re your professional, trustworthy partner in all aspects of the food industry. We’re proud of our broad global presence, combined with our strong local teams with knowledge in all food segments.

Quality assurance and sustainability drive us, as we simplify complexities in the industry for our customers. With a complete supplier and outstanding Food & Nutrition ingredient portfolio, and added services such as technical support, regulatory guidance and market insights, we provide flexible, end-to-end food solutions that always meet your needs.

At our 31 Innovation & Application Centers worldwide, our experts combine know-how with innovation and creativity. We never stop learning, always keeping up to date with the latest market information, insights and concepts, building upon our expertise and focus.

Our commitment to you

Delivering value in the Food & Nutrition industry

  • a truly global presence combined with strong local teams, with access to local customers and market segments
  • a complete portfolio of ingredients to help you develop innovative and sustainable products
  • we work with you to create food concepts and formulations
  • safe and secure supply chain
  • clean-label solutions
  • access to and understand of market insights, market sizes and trends
  • innovative food solutions and product concepts

  • ongoing, expert support from in-house technology specialists
  • ingredients and NPD ideas
  • customized formulation advice
  • transparency, compliance, regulatory support
  • custom solutions for packaging, premixes, and formulas
  • innovation and application development support
  • training/customer days and networking sessions
  • local warehousing
  • local languages
  • segment-specific expertise

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Food solutions

Your challenges are our mission. Our comprehensive Food Solutions for the Food & Nutrition industry draw upon a vast global network for ingredient sourcing and specialized capabilities for local application and development.

From essential vitamins and minerals to sweeteners and flavors, high-quality proteins and fibers, enzymes and cultures, texturizers and gelling agents, our food solutions are built upon a foundation of carefully selected ingredients. But our commitment extends far beyond ingredient supply – it drives our approach to crafting food solutions based on three fundamental pillars:

  • fortification solutions
    Our dedicated team focuses on enhancing the nutritional value of your products through fortification, ensuring they’re enriched with essential nutrients.
  • texturizing/stabilizing solutions
    We create desired textures and stability in your food and beverage creations. Our team excels in optimizing the consistency, mouthfeel, and shelf life of your products.
  • taste solutions
    We understand the crucial role taste plays in consumer satisfaction. We develop exceptional taste profiles, offering a wide range of solutions to meet diverse palates.

Within each of these areas, our dedicated teams collaborate to deliver full-service food solutions that surpass expectations.

Our product portfolio

Discover how you can develop innovative and sustainable products from our complete product portfolio, from basic ingredients to more complex, tailor-made formulations.

Market segments of the Food & Nutrition industry

Embark on a culinary journey with us across all market segments, from bakery and beverage to analogue meat and Nutritional Health. We’re your dedicated partner, ready to support you in every application. Let's explore the possibilities together.

  • bakery
  • beverages (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)
  • chocolate and confectionery
  • convenience food, ready meals, soups and sauces
  • dairy and ice-cream
  • fruit and vegetable processing
  • meat, poultry and fish
  • functional food
  • plant-based (dairy, meat, seafood alternatives)

  • food supplements
  • dietetic foods
  • sports nutrition
  • food for special medical purposes

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Our Innovation & Application Centers

Find out more about our know-how and trusted experts across our worldwide network.

Our range of Food & Nutrition ingredients

  • acidulants
  • amino acids and peptides
  • anticaking agents
  • antifoams
  • baking Powder
  • blends of acidulants and salts
  • bulking agents
  • chocolate and Cocoa
  • colors
  • cultures/probiotics and yeast
  • dairy, egg and cheese ingredients
  • emulsifiers
  • enzymes
  • flavors and flavor enhancers
  • fibers
  • food blends
  • fruit and vegetable ingredients

  • humectants
  • hydrocolloids
  • inorganic salts
  • minerals
  • naturals
  • nutraceutical ingredients
  • oils and fats
  • processing aids
  • proteins
  • ready-to-use bakery products
  • shelf-life regulators and preservatives
  • spices
  • starches
  • sweeteners
  • vitamins
  • waxes and butters

Stories, news and discoveries

Moisturizer is a must

Towards a sustainable future

Join us on our journey to a sustainable future as we strive to become the industry leader in the responsible supply of environmental and social sustainable nutrition ingredients.

We are proud of our Platinum status in the EcoVadis sustainability assessment, placing us in the top 1% across all industries assessed for sustainability performance.

We are always looking to improve our portfolio of sustainable ingredients ranging from upcycled fibers, UTZ certified cocoa, organic ingredients to lower processed and locally sourced ingredients. Also, we are supporting Innovation and Application development for plant- based solutions like meat and dairy alternatives.

Brenntag nutrition experts testing the new formulation of the sauce of a customer product, Allentown, USA
Our commitment to safety

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We continue to ensure that you receive top-quality products that not only meet but exceed the latest safety standards and regulations.

We’re proud of our rigorous approach to supply-chain management, and work closely with our trusted supply partners to guarantee safety and reliability at every stage of the process.

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