Quality and certifications

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Brenntag Canada Inc. is committed to being the quality provider of chemicals, plastics and value added services to customers in its chosen markets, in an ethical, profitable, and environmentally responsible manner, while providing Brenntag employees with a work environment that is conducive to personal growth and satisfaction.

The company’s objective is to meet or exceed customer requirements while providing optimum value through a balance of price, product and service quality and application performance, on time every time.

Brenntag’s Management System will comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 international standard for Quality Management Systems

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and will incorporate the management concepts of the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors’ Responsible Distribution® Code of Practice. Brenntag will continue to enhance aspects of its business by establishing objectives and targets for improvements in product and service quality through the application of technology, resources and best operating practices.

Management is responsible for providing resources, maintaining procedures and ensuring all necessary activities are undertaken to verify the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. Employees are responsible for product and service quality in their areas of job function and responsibility. They maintain and implement the approved procedures and ensure that all activities conform to specified requirements.

Brenntag Canada’s Quality Policy will be posted at each facility and made available to all interested parties.