Nxt Solv 400 is a levulinate glycerol ketal. It provides strong solvency bringing difficult ingredients into formulation with low to no foaming. It can stabilize formulations and reduce the risk of phase separations even in concentrated solutions. It can reduce the viscosity and improve the freeze-thaw properties in concentrates. It has outstanding performance in aqueous hard surface cleaning and degreasing. Its powerful stain-cutting ability makes it applicable for hard and soft surfaces. NXT SOLV 400 compatibilizes oil and water without the use of surfactants and enhances phase stability in aqueous solutions. It is DfE approvable and meets many low VOC exemptions.


Melting Point< - 60°C
Boiling Point285.8°C
Flash Point> 93.3°C

Uses and Applications

Key applications

  • Degreaser
  • Solvents
  • Automotive


  • Cleaning

Synonyms:  Ethyl Glycerin Acetyl Levulinate, Ketal Ester Solvent

CAS Number: 902272-78-0