Calsoft® L-60

Calsoft® L-60 is an odorless, hazy and opalescent paste at room temperature solution of sodium linear alkylbenzene sulfonate. Calsoft® L-60 is pumpable at ambient temperatures and becomes clear at temperatures over 100º F. Calsoft® L-60 provides copious foam and excellent wetting properties in household and industrial cleaner formulations either alone or with foam stabilizers. Ideal for application in household, institutional and industrial detergents and industrial uses.

Benzenesulfonic acid, mono-C10-16-alkyl derivatives, sodium salts
CAS Number


Molar Weight
Boiling Point
> 100

Uses and Applications

Key applications

  • Cleaning products
  • Foam Booster
  • Detergent
  • Household industrial
  • Institutional cleaning
  • Soaps and detergents


  • Cleaning