Calsoft® F-90

Calsoft® F-90 is a dry, low color, white, free-flowing, 90+% active sodium linear alkyl benzene sulfonate flake. High purity, biodegradable Calsoft® LAS-99 is the base chemistry to produce Calsoft® F-90. It contains an anti-tack agent, which retards moisture pick up and keeps the product free-flowing. Calsoft® F-90 is a very high quality and consistent flaked sodium linear alkyl benzene sulfonate. Recommended for application in household, institutional and industrial cleaners, industrial cleaning compounds and metal cleaning.

Benzenesulfonic acid, mono-C10-16-alkyl derivatives, sodium salts
CAS Number


Uses and Applications

Key applications

  • Metal working
  • Cleaning products
  • Metal finishing
  • Laundry products
  • Detergent
  • Household industrial
  • Institutional cleaning
  • Hard surface cleaning


  • Metal Surface Treatment
  • Cleaning