We embrace new and innovative solutions, ideas for novel co-operation between our suppliers and customers, and upcoming trends in the plastics market. This translates into tangible results for our customers in a range of markets and applications.

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Brenntag is a well-known supplier of plastic color concentrates as well as AO/UV additives, processing additives, and mineral fillers to plastic masterbatch producers.

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Plastic can have a variety of composite applications in a multitude of industries. Brenntag works in the background to develop the best plastic chemicals for these composites helping the products made from this process reach their full potential.

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Blending plastics using heat and chemicals is a process that enhances the overall amount of newly manufactured plastics or compounds. As a distributor of raw materials, Brenntag has the expertise and ingredients including, flame retardant compounds, additives, and mineral fillers, to fuel any compound project.

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Brenntag is a reputable supplier of plastic chemicals to the plastic molders & extrusion industry, which create a multitude of items and molds for a variety of applications.

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Embracing Innovative Plastic Solutions

Brenntag Plastics embraces new and innovative solutions, ideas for novel co-operation between our suppliers and customers, and upcoming trends in the market. This translates into tangible results for our customers in a range of applications, including:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Household Appliances
  • Medical
  • Packaging
  • PVC (Polymer Processors)


Customers enjoy access to Brenntag Plastics’ full range of services and products. We work closely with our suppliers to manage a reliable, secure supply chain and a comprehensive product portfolio, including additives (antioxidants, UV stabilizers, pigments, flame retardants, and others), engineering polymers, high performance polymers, and standard polymers.


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We Focus on Establishing and Maintaining Long-Term Relationships

When you choose us as your distributor of raw materials for the plastics industry, you get a company that is proud to become your valued business partner. Brenntag Plastics enjoys close, long-term relationships with suppliers and operate an integrated logistics network allowing us to remain close to our partners. Our technicians are always committed to meeting the highest safety and product standards under North American legislation.

You’ll work with a dedicated account manager who possesses a comprehensive understanding of the chemicals used in plastics manufacturing. Your account manager will take the time to ask the right questions about your applications and recommend products to resolve your most challenging manufacturing issues. We can also provide reliable guidance in product development and reformulation.

Another area of specialized expertise is our ability to perform custom mixing of chemicals used in plastic manufacturing. Developing custom blends is an exact science — our experienced technicians know how to create precise mixtures to provide reliable solutions for your manufacturing issue. Our custom blending procedure includes comprehensive quality control measures, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your ingredient will meet performance and safety expectations.

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Speaking of safety, we make every effort to ensure your company receives raw materials for the plastic industry that comply with today’s stringent health and safety regulations. We work closely with our supply chain to verify every ingredient sold meets the highest standards — you’ll be able to use our chemicals in your manufacturing processes with total confidence.

Exceeding Our Customers’ Expectations for More Than a Century

Since we first entered the ingredient and chemical distribution business back in 1912, Brenntag has worked hard to become a respected industry leader. Our numerous expansions over the years include the opening of our thriving United States business in the 1970s. Although we have experienced phenomenal growth, we’ve been able to maintain a customer-focused business approach separating us from our competitors.

Our extensive North American Network of more than 190 convenient locations, serviced by six Regional Operating Companies spread across the continent. This enables us to provide prompt, attentive service to our customer base. We can offer just-in-time delivery to ensure rapid shipping of chemicals for plastic industry applications and eliminates prohibitive inventory carrying costs. You can also count on us for packaging assistance and product storage if needed.

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We Recognize the Value of Teamwork

The team at Brenntag Plastics is unrivaled in the thermoplastics industry for its dedication and expertise. We fully leverage our passion and technical know-how of plastics to benefit of our customers. Our technicians and experts embrace a proactive, entrepreneurial culture which encourages staff to become industry trend-scouts who excel at recognizing market trends early on.

Brenntag Plastics’ entrepreneurial culture is complemented by a collaborative, team-oriented approach to business. We understand that teamwork across North America, when paired with our unparalleled technical expertise, is the best way to exceed our partners’ expectations.

We strive to join forces with customers to share knowledge and build business relationships into true partnerships. Moreover, our experts regularly attend local and regional trade exhibitions to ensure our supplier network is always up-to-date. We pass on what we learn to our customers to keep them informed about the latest developments that impact your company and industry.


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