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What is nitrogen management and phosphate enhancement

Volatilization, denitrification, nitrogen leaching and phosphate run off are four major concerns to Brenntag. We pride ourselves in supplying the most cutting edge technology in tackling these significant issues that customers, and ultimately the environment, face today.

We continually research the adverse effects of these issues in lab and field research plots, ensuring that we are providing the very best products in protecting these essential macronutrients for the grower today. Most importantly, we work with our partners in always providing different modes of action in addressing these concerns.

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Protecting your investment

To protect your investment, we have products for various types of applications, including:

  • Anhydrous Ammonia Applications
  • Treating Urea, UAN, 10-34-0 Applications
  • Treating MAP, DAP Applications
Anhydrous Ammonia ApplicationsTreating Urea, UAN, 10-34-0 ApplicationsTreating MAP, DAP Applications
Azotenere LuxAzotenere AerisAzotenere Captus
BrennFlor StabAzotenere StratumBrennFlor Stab
 Azotenere TerraBrennHume Enersoil
 BrennHume Enersoil 
 BrennHume Nutra 23% 

Treating your nitrogen

When it comes to treating your nitrogen, we offer chemicals for issues with dentrification or leaching, issues with volatilization, unlocking tied up phosphorous, and slow release nitrogens.

Nitrogen Stabilizers / Soil ManagementUrease Inhibitors / Soil ManagementPhosphate Enhancers / Soil ManagementSlow Release Nitrogens
BrennFlorBrennFlorAzotenere CaptusBrennZone - Urea Triazone 30-0-0 / 60% Slow Release
BrennFlor StabBrennFlor StabBrennFlorBrennZone - Urea Triazone 28-0-0 / 72% Slow Release
Azotenere CedatAzotenere AerisBrennHume Enersoil 
Azotenere LuxAzotenere Stratum  
Azotenere Stratum   
Azotenere Terra   


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