Brenntag Provides Quality Testing Procedures

Truck sensor problems case study

Customer challenges

This private fleet purchased several new trucks which continually had problems with their sensors. At the time, they were purchasing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) from an oil distributor who was packaging a competitor’s product. Every time they pulled out the DEF filters, they were covered in a grayish slime.

Brenntag solution

Brenntag tested the grayish slime found on the DEF filters and concluded that it was Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). Unlike other DEF suppliers, when DEF arrives at a Brenntag terminal, the diesel exhaust fluid must undergo an extensive testing process to ensure consistent quality. Brenntag is the only North American DEF distributor with 35 labs that test for DEF quality and concentration. Seven of these labs are capable of testing to all 18 critical DEF parameters required by ISO 22241.

What Brenntag Offers Clients Like This.

Brenntag provides quality testing procedures to ensure that our product quality is upheld throughout the entire supply chain.

Company Type: Private Fleet

Geographical Location: Spokane, WA

Size: 45 trucks, 160 locations


This customer switched from their previous DEF supplier to purchasing DEF from Brenntag. The sensor problems went away after switching suppliers and products. Even though a product may meet all DEF standards when it leaves the manufacturing plant, it can potentially become contaminated somewhere along the supply chain if quality is not carefully maintained.

Did you know...

Brenntag offers its customers closed DEF systems to control and manage product quality. Closed drums and totes require a pump equipped with a MicroMatic coupler. MicroMatic valve systems prevent contaminants such as dirt, debris and bugs from entering the container. Brenntag also works with high quality pump manufacturers who offer products designed specifically for closed systems. Insertion pumps are not compatible with closed systems.

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