Nouryon Aquatreat® AR 888

An efficient calcium carbonate inhibitor

AquatreatAquaTreat® AR 888 is a superior “non-P” calcium carbonate scale inhibitor in high LSI conditions with extremely low toxicity compared to competitive products. AquaTreat® AR 888 eliminates the need for an additional dispersant in formulations, due to its optimized molecular weight.

  • Is an efficient calcium carbonate inhibitor with low toxicity
  • Is superior to competitive maleic homopolymers with regards to dispersancy, crystal modification, and calcium sulfate inhibition
  • Can eliminate the need for additional dispersant polymers informulations
  • Can be used as a replacement for PBTC

Sets of cooling towers in conditioning systems

Aquatreat® AR 888 calcium carbonate scale inhibition

Aquatreat® AR 888 utilizes all three polymer scale inhibition mechanisms (threshold inhibition, dispersion, and crystal modification) to provide unmatched performance.

Cooling tower

Aquatreat® AR 888 benefits and applications


  • Superior “non-P” calcium carbonate scale inhibitor in high LSI conditions
  • Reduced polymer dosage to save money and reduce formulation toxicity
  • Lower formulation costs by eliminating additional dispersant formulations
    – Compared to competitive maleic homopolymers
    – Extremely low toxicity
    – Stronger calcium sulfate performance
    – Better iron tolerance
    – Easier formulation
    – Equal bleach stability


  • Cooling towers
  • Mining
  • Oilfield

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