Water Treatment for the Power Industry

Like many other water treatment industries, water is a key component for the power industry. It requires highly purified water, generated during the water pretreatment phase, to function.

How the power industry uses water

This highly purified water is fed to a high pressure boiler, which generates high pressure and high purity steam. The high purity steam is used to turn the turbine.

This steam must be of extreme quality to prevent deposits on the turbine blades. If a turbine blade is disrupted, unanticipated costs are accrued.

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Lignite-fired power plant pushes exhaust gases into the blue sky, Schkopau power plant, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

Products of the power industry

In essence, the main products for the power industry are:

  • Highly purified water
  • Electricity

Additional uses of water within the power industry

Water is used within the power industry in cases such as:

  • Steam condensing
  • Equipment cooling
  • Scrubbing particulates from exhaust gas
  • Removing ash from coal combustion

We also provide products and services for the industrial cooling water segment.

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