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The purpose of our water treatment webinars is to share findings and expertise with other water treatment specialists for increased transparency and knowledge across the industry. Our webinars cover various topics surrounding both the industrial and municipal water treatment markets. Join our live webinars every quarter by signing up for our emails.

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Our featured webinars include:

  • Foam Control
  • Metals Removal
  • Challenges in the Wastewater Field
  • Coagulation and Flocculation
  • Conducting a Successful Plant Trial for Water Clarification
  • Experts in Global Sourcing
  • Successful Phosphorous Removal
  • Successful Strategies in Bioaugmentation

On-demand webinar details

Foam Control41 minutesThis webinar covers the importance of foam control in water treatment and relays how a water treatment specialist can employ different techniques to stabilize foam. It also covers the history of foam, factors affecting foam, components and restrictions, the foam cell, field treatment, and how it affects numerous water treatment markets.
Metals Removal52 minutesThis webinar launched on September 7, 2017 and covered the removal of chelators and nonchealtors from industrial metal wastestreams.
Challenges in the Wastewater Field58 minutesThis webinar discusses the challenges water industry professionals face when working in the wastewater field. The topics include BOD reduction, molybdate and other metals restrictions and limits, waster reuse and conservation, and soluble and insoluable contaminants.
Coagulation and Flocculation47 minutesThis webinar details wastewater discharge regulations and how water reuse is more important now than ever while covering the principles of coagulation and flocculation for a strong water clarfication foundation.
Conducting a Successful Plant Trial for Water Clarification37 minutesIn this webinar, you will learn how to present a proven process, including pretrial preparation, application monitoring, and results presentation. Preparation, execution, and communication before, during, and after a Water Clarification Trial are also focus topics.
Experts in Global Sourcing29 minutesAs the global economy continues to evolve in complexity, managing the flow of goods from one world region to another remains a significant challenge for most companies. Brenntag has dedicated resources around the globe to manage and simplify this process for the benefit of our customers.

This webinar focuses on how Brenntag can reduce risk and help our customers manage their time and working capital, so they can focus on their core business.
Successful Phosphorous Removal40 minutesThis webinar focuses on the phosphorous removal program and covers the WWTP phosphorous removal basics, bench top testing techniques, lab analysis for the measurement of phosphorous, and treatment plant success stories.
Successful Strategies in Bioaugmentation57 minutesBioaugmentation is the addition of bacterial cultures, enzymes, and micronutrients to increase the digestion capacity of a wastewater system. In addition to accelerating efficiency, other additives can be used to protect the existing microbial community against adverse possibly toxic substances.

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