Capabilities of Biocides

Cooling Tower Pumps

What are biocides used for?

Biocides are used to inhibit the formation of, or kill existing biological growth (algae, bacteria, yeast, fungi, slime, etc.) within a cooling water system to keep systems clean and prevent biological fouling. Biological fouling may coat or clog internal heat transfer surfaces & slow water velocity which reduces cooling efficiency, and can also promote under-deposit corrosion.

Product CodeProductDescription
PC 73155AMA-215 Isothiazolin, 1.5%For use in industrial process water systems, recirculating water cooling towers, air washer systems, recirculating closed loop water cooling systems, evaporative condenser water systems
PC 342253 & PC 100470AMA-2515 Glutaraldehyde, 15% & AMA-2550 Glutaraldehyde, 50%For controlling slime-forming and sulfate-reducing bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae in air washers and industrial scrubbing systems; recirculating cooling and process water systems
PC 800822AMA-250 DBNPA, 20%To control coliform and other bacteria in publicly-owned treatment works; controls bacteria, fungi and yeasts in paper mills, metalworking fluids containing water, and enhanced oil recovery systems; controls bacteria, fungi, and algae in industrial recirculating water cooling towers, once-through fresh and sea water industrial cooling water systems, and reverse osmosis systems; controls slime-forming bacteria and fungi in air-washer systems. Reduces microbial contamination in wastewater, recycled process water, recycled products, recycled wastewater, equipment cleaning operations.
PC 858611AMA-210W MBT, 10%Relatively quick-kill biocide, with a 2 to 4 hours contact time. Excellent biocide for SRBs. The most effective use of MBT is often when blended with a quat.
PC 298119AMA-224 Dazomet, 24%Effective against filamentous bacteria, fungi & SRBs. Good for use in systems above 105F.
PC 30416 & PC 247396
AMA-204 TBZ Triazine
Effective against algae by blocking photosynthesis. Feed before algae bloom in conjunction with a halogen (Sodium or calcium hypochlorite, bromine, or Halogene T-30)
PC 147493Halogene T-30 BCDMH
Bromine/chlorine donor primarily used for controlling algal, bacterial and fungal slimes in recirculating cooling towers, lagoons, industrial air-washing systems, ornamental fountains, and air conditioning condensate systems.
PC 207750 & PC 365713
Calcium HypochloriteVersatile, convenient chlorine donor more concentrated and more stable than sodium hypochlorite. NSF certified for potable municipal water applications and swimming pools & spas. Industrial applications including food & beverage, laundry, and CIP/disinfection.

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