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Products and Value-Added Services for the Pulp and Paper Industry

We are a leading supplier of industrial chemicals and colors to the paper industry. To complement our extensive product portfolio, we have developed a range of specialty chemicals to offer our customers greater choice and flexibility.

We source products for specific applications and add value to your business through product development, while meeting your individual needs with our global network of suppliers. Through onsite visits, training sessions and in-depth workshops we share our knowledge about the market and offer a comprehensive package of technical support.

We provide a broad line of chemical products as well as alliances with both local and internationally known suppliers to the pulp and paper industry.

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Solutions for all Applications

As our Pulp and Paper customer, you can choose from a wide range of chemicals and pigments for the manufacturing of pulp, paper, paperboard, and other cellulose-based products, including water treatment. Our comprehensive Pulp and Paper portfolio covers the following applications, among others:

  • Coatings
  • De-inking (ink removal)
  • Paper processing
  • Water and waste-water treatment
  • Newsprint
  • Packaging

  • Tissue
  • Pigment preparations
  • Starch / additives
  • Bleaching
  • Biocides
  • Coagulants

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Providing superior product services

Regardless of which chemicals for the pulp and paper industry applications you choose, you’ll have access to a host of value-added services to ensure the highest product quality while reducing your costs. Our chemical-mixing services can create a custom ingredient blend that meets your specifications. Your dedicated account manager works closely with you to assess product needs and ensures that you receive high-quality chemicals to resolve your unique manufacturing issue.

Our capabilities also include custom and bulk packaging, as well as compressed gas packaging. If you need formulation assistance, our team of expert in-house technicians can provide trustworthy guidance through every step of the process. If you’re looking to offer innovative products to differentiate your company and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace, we provide product-development services to help you achieve those goals.

With us you'll benefit from:

  • Extensive laboratory and blending facilities
  • Onsite technical advice and support
  • Advice on legislation such as REACH and the Biocidal Products Regulation
  • Comprehensive product portfolio
  • Worldwide sourcing capabilities through our Global Sourcing Organization
  • Technical seminars, ongoing advice, and consultation on secondary wastewater treatment and process issues
  • Supply chain management assistance

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