Preserved Fruits & Vegetables

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Preserved fruit and vegetable ingredients

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As the global population grows, providing healthy and long-lasting food sources becomes a growing interest for food and beverage makers. Preparing food that is both nutritious and has a long shelf life will help the world face the challenges that go hand-in-hand with feeding so many mouths. There is a reason Brenntag is a top global distributor of wholesale food ingredients and additives. We understand the importance of creating food that has the right appearance, taste, and texture as well as a shelf life that stands the test of time. At Brenntag Food & Nutrition, we work to create a stable, safe, and nutritious food supply that contributes to the health of individuals the world over.

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Preserved fruit and vegetable ingredients

Depending on client needs, Brenntag has a variety of food ingredients that help increase the shelf life of certain foods, fruits, and vegetables. Our selection of additives ensures that your product can go from the manufacturer to the distributor to the client safely while maintaining its flavor, look, and nutrition.

As people across the country are "eating clean" and paying special attention to ingredients lists, our clean label ingredients improve the quality of foods, fruits, and vegetables. About 75 percent of U.S. consumers read nutrition labels, and most look for items with few ingredients that are recognizable and easy to pronounce and appeal to a health-conscious audience by requesting non-GMO, naturally derived, organic ingredients.

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Ingredients to preserve vegetables and fruits

Canned and preserved fruits and vegetables provide long-lasting nutrition while maintaining the integrity of the food. Modern practices allow for the creation of preserved foods that are as appealing as their fresh counterparts.

Adding certain ingredients to products ensures that the fruits and vegetables are as nutritious and safe to eat years later as they were the day they were processed. Our partners use our vast array of ingredients for the following food preservation applications:

Prevent discoloration: Ingredients like citric acid preserve the color of fruits and vegetables. Adding colors also ensures that preserved and canned fruits and vegetables look as expected. Many natural and synthesized ingredients are available to add color to food products safely.

Canning fruits and vegetables inherently makes foods shelf-stable with a long life, destroys food-borne bacteria and microorganisms, and prevents spoilage, making this form of food preservation valuable to both the industry and the consumer.

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Ingredients for the frozen food industry

Frozen foods typically need fewer added ingredients to maintain their safety and freshness than other foods, but adding certain ingredients can improve frozen desserts and vegetables. Ingredients are added to frozen foods to:

Prevent crystallization: Emulsifiers like polysorbates are commonly found in frozen desserts to improve their consistency and stop the frozen ingredients from crystallizing.

Maintain or add color: Foods like potatoes tend to lose their crisp white color when frozen. Some ingredients can prevent this change. Colors, both natural and artificial, improve the look and appeal of frozen desserts.

Adding ingredients to frozen foods ensures that the products are delivered to consumers in a way they expect with the quality they deserve.

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