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Cellulosics for formulators

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Cellulose, a linear polysaccharide is the most common organic compound on earth, derived from cotton and wood pulp. Cellulosics are universally used in food products for their unique functional attributes including; water binding, film forming, encapsulation, suspension, thermo-gelation and as a source of dietary fiber. The following list of cellulose ethers provides food and nutrition formulators with rheological and performance benefits in an array of applications from beverages and bakery items to confectionery and frozen products.

A sneak peak into cellulosics

Cellulose etherGradespH rangle
ViscosityKey functional propertiesPotential applications
Carboxymethyl- cellulose (CMC)Multiple4.0-10.010-10,000 cpsThickening, waterbinding,texture modification, prevention of ice & sugar crystals, foam stabilization, & protein stabilizationBeverages, bakery products, sauces, frozen desserts, syrups, icings & frostings, candies
Ethylcellulose (EC)N7-N2003.0-10.03-350 cps (5% EC in 80:20 toluene: ethanol)Excellent filmforming with stabilityto water, pH andlightPrimarily microencapsulation for flavor masking, stabilization against active interactions, hydrolysis, oxidation and/or retard release of active ingredients
Hydroxypropyl-cellulose (HPC)GF, JF, LF, EF3.0-10.0150 cps @ 10% -1000 @1% solutionExcellent secondary emulsification properties, film forming, water, alcohol, PEG & PG soluble, foam promotionWhipped toppings, confectionery coatings & glazes, films (breath strip mints)
Methylcellulose (MC)A3.0-10.015-3600 cps @ 2% solutionThermal stability, texture modification, boil out control, bindingMeat analogues, sauces, fillings
Hydroxypropyl-methylcellulose (HPMC)E, F, K3.0-10.050-100,000 cps @ 2% solutionThermal stability, texture modification, binding, adhesion, reduced oil pick-up, volume, structure, foam promotion & stabilizationSauces, fillings, extrusion, batters & breadings, gluten-free breads, whipped topping
*Further information on specific dispersion techniques are available from the Brenntag North America Food & Nutrition Team
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