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Benefiting bakeries everywhere

Our experts in the Bakery & Bread segment are keen to help you create the comforting sensation of freshly baked goods, while also developing exciting new bakery products that meet the current trends driving the marketplace forward. Whether you require protein-enriched, sugar-reduced, gluten-free or ancient grain based baked goods, we will help you succeed.

Our Food & Nutrition team has in-depth knowledge on the current trends in the bakery segment and the ingredients that can help you meet them. This is why our Innovation & Applications team consistently supports our customers in producing the excellent formulations that address these category defining trends in the best way possible.

Do you need a solution for gluten-free products? Are you looking to address the growing demand for natural, fresh and clean label options? Are you a smaller bakery, looking for ready-to-use solutions ?

We have experts available to help create tailor-made solutions for your bakery product. Our Food Innovation & Application Centers strive to design the perfect crumb structure and color, the ideal volume and the best taste. Through our decades of experience and knowledge in enzymes, emulsifiers, improvers, flavors, colors and sweeteners, we will help your bakery product satisfy the latest consumer wishes.

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Rising to your challenges in the bakery segment

Bakery & Bread is a vitally important part of the diet, whether as part of a meal for breakfast or lunch, or as an in-between snack. It’s therefore crucial that manufacturers remain on top of trends and market research to best tailor their new product developments to customer demand. Our Food & Nutrition division is your partner to stay ahead of the curve and deliver solutions for the challenges and trends arising in this sector.

For example, the Bakery & Bread industry is predicted to emerge as the fastest growing global sector for increasing dietary fiber intake. This means that growing demand for bakery products that contain fibers and wholegrains will impact the chances of market success. At the same time, the demand for gluten-free options continues to be one of the key trends shaping product development within the segment. Our Food & Nutrition experts have the solutions at hand to create the on-trend products that close the fiber gap or cut out the gluten, but without having to sacrifice on taste or texture.

Together with our passionate professionals and team's strong expertise, our quality ingredients’ and broad capabilities will help your bakery thrive.

Dilek Austin, Ph.D.
Business Development Manager – Bakery & Snacks, Americas

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