Composites & Advanced Materials

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Composites products and value-added services

Our Composites & Advanced Materials offers a wide variety of high-quality products to the composites market and their allied industries, such as Aerospace, Architecture, Automotive, Cast Polymer, Corrosion, Industrial, Marine, Mass Transportation, and Polymer Concrete. In addition, you profit from a diverse array of quality services and outstanding support from our global organization.

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Wide variety of composite chemicals

We offer a variety of high-quality products to the composites market and allied industries. Our focus is to work closely with research and development technicians to aid in the fine tuning of formulas, concentrates, and compound mixtures.

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Ensuring our partners are ahead of the curve

Safety is our number one priority. Our experts ensure your company is fully compliant with the industry’s stringent regulations and quality standards.

We work intensively with our suppliers to ensure our supply chain is safe and reliable at every step.

In addition, our team will share its product and market expertise to keep you ahead of the curve on market trends and technical know-how, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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