Chemicals for ceramics and refractories

Our team brings to the industry a broad line of chemical products as well as alliances with both local and internationally known suppliers. We are the preferred distribution partner for clay-based ceramics, refractory, and technical ceramics.

Clay-based ceramics

We offer you a wide range of products for the clay-based ceramic market. From bentonite clays and ceramic grade talc to feldspar and cellulosic products for ceramic glaze addition.


Refractories, ceramic materials that possess very high resistance to heat and chemicals, are crucial in the manufacturing industry of steel and iron. We offer product lines of chemicals and solutions for refractory applications that meet the highest safety standards.

Technical Ceramics

Supported by an experienced network of dedicated suppliers in the ceramics market, we help you as a formulator to combine the chemistry of traditional and technical ceramics.

Worker with rubber trowel applying grout tile

High-Quality Minerals, Chemicals and Colors for Ceramics

We offer a variety of high-quality minerals, chemicals, and colors. As a leading distributor of ceramic chemicals, you can count on us to have the right product for your individual needs. You also benefit from our first-class service and support.

With distribution and sales locations worldwide, we meet the needs of all kinds of customers, with a product selection that ranges from commodity to niche market products in a broad range of packaging containers and sizes. We look at your individual requirements and expectations and create custom chemical distribution services tailored specifically for you.

We remain ahead of the safety curve

Safety is always a top priority for us. Our in-house experts will ensure you receive high-quality products that allow you to stay compliant with today’s stringent safety standards and regulations.

We also work closely with our distributors to verify the safety and reliability of our supply chains every step of the way.

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