Crop Protection

What is crop protection

Through crop protection, we are able to manage plant diseases, weeds, and other pests that damage or prohibit the growth of agricultural crops and forestry. Types of agricultural crops include field crops (such as wheat and rice), fruits, and vegetables which are exposed to many factors. They can be damaged by insects, birds, rodents, and bacteria.

Chemicals for Crop Protection

  • Acetates
  • Acids
  • Alcohols
  • Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
  • Amines, Ethoxylates
  • Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Carbohydrate Source & Sugars
  • Glycols
  • Isoparaffinic Fluids
  • Nonylphenol, Ethoxylates, Wetting Agents, Spreader Sticker, Dispersants
  • Oils
  • Sulfates, Sulfonates, Sulfites, Betaines, Alkanolamindes
  • Miscellaneous

2-Ethyl Hexyl AcetateIsobutyl AcetateN-Butyl AcetateTertiary Butyl Acetate
Ethyl AcetateIsobutyl IsobutyrateN-Propyl AcetateGlycol Ether - All
Isopropyl AcetatePropionates (n-Butyl, n-Pentyl)
Fulvic AcidHydrichloric AcidPeroxyacetic AcidSoybean Fatty Acid
Humic AcidIsovaleric AcidPropionic AcidSulfuric Acid
2-Ethyl HexanolDiacetone AlcoholIsodecyl Alcohol ID (Synthetic Ethoxylate)N-Propyl Alcohol
Amyl Alcohol, PrimaryEthanolIsotridecyl Alcohol, TDA (Synthetic Ethoxylate)Oleyl Cetyl Alcohol
Benzyl AlcoholHexanolLaryl AlcoholStearyl Alcohol
Cetyl Stearyl AlcoholIsobutyl AlcoholMethanolTertiary Butyl Alcohol
CyclohexanolIsopropyl AlcoholN-Butyl AlcoholTexanol Ester Alcohol
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
142 High Flash NaphthaHeptaneMineral Seal OilVM&P Naphtha
CyclohexanoneHexaneMineral Spirits (All Types)
Amines, Ethoxylates
Coco AmineDiethyl EthanolamineDimethyl EthanolamineSpecialty Amines
CyclohexylamineDiethylamineEthylene DiamineTallow Amine Ethoxylates
DicyclohexylamineDiethylene TriamineMonoisopropanolamine (MIPA)Triisopropanolamine (TIPA)
DiethanolamineDiisopropanolamine (DIPA)MorpholineTristyrylphenol
Aromatic Hydrocarbons
Aromatic 100, 150, 200Aromatic Solvents Naphthalene Depleted (ND)TolueneXylene
Carbohydrate Source & Sugars
BrennSweet- 61% Solids, -40°F Freeze Temperature
Butyl GlycolDipropylene GlycolEthyldiglycolTriethylene Glycol
Butyl DiglycolEthylene GlycolPoly Ethylene Glycol (PEG) 200 to 1000Propylene Glycol
Butylglycol AcetateEthylglycolSecondary Butyl AlcoholDiethylene Glycol
Ethlyglycol AcetateSolid Poly Ethylene Glycol 1400 to 8000
Isoparaffinic Fluids
Isopar™ Fluids All Grades
Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, Wetting Agents, Spreader Sticker, Dispersants
Block Copolymer EO/POBrenntag NP-12Brenntag NP-40 SolidNP Phosphate Ester
Brenntag NP-4Brenntag NP-15 Liquid to PasteGlucosidesSodium Alkylnaphthalene Sulfonate- Powder
Brenntag NP-9, 9.5Brenntag NP-30 SolidNPE Biodegradable ReplacementsSodium Naphthalene Formaldehyde Sulfonate-Powder
Brenntag NP-10Brennag NP-40 LiquidNP Absorbed on Silica-Powder
Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil)Grapeseed OilOlive OilSoybean Oil
Castor OilLinseed OilPalm Kernel OilSunflower Oil
Cottonseed OilMineral OilPeanut Oil
Sulfates, Sulfonates, Sulfites, Betaines, Alkanolamindes
Alkyl Dimethyl BetaineAmmonium Xylene SulfonateSodium BisulfiteSodium Olefin Sulfonate
Ammonium BisulfiteCocoamidopropyl BetaineSodium Laureth SulfateSodium Thiosulfate
Ammonium Laureth SulfateCocomonoethanolamideSodium Lauryl Ether SulfateSodium Tridecyl Ether Sulfate
Ammonium SulfateSodium BisulfateSodium Lauryl SulfateSodium Xylene Sulfonate
AquaPure 3673- Pivot FlushDefoamersHydrogen PeroxideSodium Dioctyl Sulfosuccinate
4,6-Dihydroxypyrimidine (DHP)Dicamba Approved Micronutrient Pack-In TankInsecticides (Biodegradable, Renewable, Non Toxic)Sodium Ethylate
BHTDimethylformamide (DMF)Irrigation Line Cleaner - Scaleand Slime RemoverSorbitan Ester 20, 60, 80
BITDyes & PigmentsMixing & Blending ServicesTank Mix Adjuvants
BiocidesFoaming AgentsMold Control (Biodegradable, Renewable, Non Toxic)Tetrahydrofuran (THF)
Biodegradable & Bio-renewable Specialty SolventsFungicides- OMRI Certified OrganicMorpholineTrimethyl Orthoformate
BrennScale 8580 Additive - Well Water, Hard Water issues, Pivot Flush, NonAmmoniated Water Conditioners, Liquid Fertilier AdditiveGlycerin (Tallow, Vegetable, or Hydrolysis Derived)N-Methylpyrrolidone (NMP)Waste Disposal Service
Custom Blending CapabilitiesGlymes All VariationsN-Octyl-2-pyrrolidone (NOP) DEF
Glyphosate SaltsN,N-Dimethylacetamide (DMAc)DEF EquipmentHerbicides (Biodegradable, Renewable, Non Toxic)
Propylene Carbonate (PC)

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