Polymers - Thermoplastics & Additives

Serving all Polymers Markets

Unrivaled in the thermoplastics industry for its dedication and expertise our team fully leverages its passion and technical know-how for the benefit of our customers.

Our innovative solutions and ideas will bring novel cooperation’s between our suppliers and customers in a range of applications:

By product

  • Additives
  • Standard Polymers
  • Engineering and High Performance Polymers
  • Compounds

By Industry Application

  • Packaging (caps, closures, food packaging)
  • Electrical and Electronics (cables, lightning)
  • Medical and Health care (example catheders)
  • Building and Construction (windows, flooring, roofing, wood composites)
  • Transportation (automotive, e-mobility, railway, trucks)
  • Household and Consumer Goods (appliances)
  • Thermosets

Equipment for working with small plastic granules
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Providing a reliable and secure supply chain

Customers enjoy access to Brenntag Polymers’ full range of services and products. Our technicians are always committed to meeting the highest safety and product standards and we operate an integrated logistics network that allows us to remain close to our partners. We work closely with our suppliers, with whom we enjoy close and long-term relationships, to manage a reliable, secure supply chain and a comprehensive product portfolio that includes:

We are supported by an integrated logistics network which allows our teams to meet the highest safety and product standards as well as service regarding regulations.

Exceeding our partners’ expectations

We are skilled to provide reliable guidance in product development. Another area of specialized expertise is our ability to perform custom mixing of chemicals used in polymers manufacturing. Developing custom blends is an exact science — our experienced technicians know how to create precise mixtures to provide reliable solutions for your manufacturing issue. Our custom-blending procedure includes comprehensive quality-control measures, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your ingredient will meet performance and safety expectations.

Brenntag Polymers’ entrepreneurial culture is complemented by a collaborative, team-oriented approach to our business, and unparalleled technical expertise. Brenntag Polymers strives to join forces with you to share our knowledge and transform business relationships into true partnerships.

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Act local, think global

Our technicians and sales representatives are your single point of entry into the larger Brenntag organization, ensuring that your company has access to a truly diverse range of products and services. As a customer of Brenntag Polymers you also have easy access to other industries and products that might be of interest to your business, such as:

  • Acids and Lyes
  • Solvents
  • General Chemicals
  • Specialties in various applications:
    • Coatings;
    • Lubricants;
    • Rubber;
    • Water Treatment

The Polymers team at Brenntag embraces an “act local, think global” work philosophy, whereby they are experts in their home region, while utilizing our truly international network. That way, they can quickly respond to your needs and provide you with the best technical, and supply-chain support in every market.

Contact us to learn more about our selection of products for the polymers industry

We encourage you to learn more about the advantages of making Brenntag your partner for high-quality raw materials for your applications. Feel free to contact our sales teams for assistance.