The value of a strong brand: a viewpoint

Chemical Industry Journal sit down with Natalia McDonagh to talk about brand, innovation and organisational empowerment.

Innovations in consumer applications increasingly find their extension in B2B, and the chemical industry continues to seek those that have the potential to add value to the entire supply chain, all in times of an unprecedented change. Chemical Industry Journal met Natalia McDonagh, Head of Marketing, Brenntag UK & Ireland, on the role of brand, innovation, the process of change, and organisational empowerment.

"A strong brand equity is a prized asset. Change management can increasingly be found on the list of essential skillset for leaders across various business functions, the actual process to address the need for change must come second. First is the vision, the company culture, values, beliefs, all of which intrinsically define the essence of the brand. Whilst being the staple of a successful organisation, brand is an evolving concept where so many elements weave their strengths together to create a story; the story which conveys the thoughts, feelings and emotions that people have when they hear the name."

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