Ready to Use Disinfectant for Hard Surfaces

Close-Up Of Person Cleaning Window


It is vitally important to regularly clean and disinfect surfaces, with appropriate disinfectant products, which can act as transmission routes for viral infections.

Ready to use right out the bottle, a unique and comprehensive disinfectant based on Hydrogen Peroxide and Chelated Silver. These two components have synergistic benefits and work together against viruses, providing a powerful, highly effective and broad spectrum disinfectant product ideal for hard surfaces.

Colourless and odourless, providing a safe and ecological answer for high quality, infection control for floors, walls and hard surfaces.


  • Decontaminates and disinfects
  • Ideal for surface disinfection
  • Odourless, tasteless and irritation free
  • Does not produce any harmful bi-products
  • Safe, non-corrosive and pH neutral
  • Available in 500ml spray bottles, 5litre containers and 20 litre containers

Brenntag Recreational Water offer a wide range of chemicals suitable for treatment and cleaning including Testing Equipment, HTH® Shock, Poolside Deepclean and Virucidal Disinfectant, for more information on our full range and to find out more about using EndoSan® to disinfect and prevent the spread of viral contaminants, contact the .