Neubacid Soft Piglet

Safe acidifier enriched with essential oils

Safe acidifier enriched with essential oils

Bacteria, mould and yeast are present in every feedstuff and can cause disease. One example is the extremely toxic mycotoxins; metabolites from the growth of mould that can cause death.

The synergistic mixture of fungistatic compounds and acids inhibits the growth of mould, yeast and bacteria efficiently. Furthermore, mixtures of acids and their salts increase productivity parameters by affecting the pH-level, mineral absorption and by improving protein digestibility.

A synergistic combination of lignosulphonic acid, formic acid, lactic acid enriched with essential oils, Neubacid Soft Piglet has been developed to protect your animals from development of pathogenic gram-negative bacteria.

The product has a strong antibacterial effect from the feed to the last part of gastrointestinal tract, aiding to increase feed intake and to improve gut health.

Key application benefits:

  • Improves feed intake by regulating feed intake
  • Strong antimicrobial activity against pathogens, both bactericidal and bacteriostatic
  • Enhanced gut health + immunity development due to the essential oils
  • Safe and effective acidifier to improve digestion

The use of the Soft technology makes this product a safe and effective acid premixture to use while maintaining an acidic pH (+/- 1,5).The product has a strong antibacterial effect from the feed to the last part of gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Formic and lactic acid are very effective against gram-negative pathogens, like Salmonella and E.coli, in the feed and in the first part of GIT, especially in the stomach, where pH is low, implementing an antibacterial barrier.

Next to this antibacterial effect, Neubacid Soft Piglet does also contain essential oils. Due to the aggressive nature of acids, it is very difficult to guarantee a stable combination of essential oils in an acidic environment with a pH > 2. Due to the lignosulphonic acid, also responsible for 90% less corrosion compared to pure acids, it is possible to stabilize the essential oils in this formulation. Essential oils will increase the feed intake by regulating it and they will help to enhance the gut health of the animals.

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