Making Pharmaceuticals Awards Shortlisting

Brenntag UK & Irelands Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics team have been shortlisted for two awards at the upcoming Making Pharmaceuticals Awards Dinner, taking place April 30th, in recognition for our work on sustainability and innovation in the industry. The nominations reflect the exceptional commitment Brenntag continue to demonstrate as leaders in the industry.

The first award nomination for Sustainable Achievement, recognises the steps Brenntag have taken towards becoming a more sustainable business with particular emphasis on our recently opened North East site.

The new location, which boasts an impressive Life Sciences warehouse and a considerable Pharmaceutical business, has been designed from the ground up with sustainability in mind and with the goal to reduce our Carbon Footprint. Occupying a smaller area than our previous location, the North East depot utilises vertical space to our advantage. The location also features the first of our Wind Turbines that will generate enough power to run the location on a 24/5 basis as well as exporting the balance of the generated electricity to the National Grid.

Overall, our employees have been very much involved in the design and implementation of the site and it’s sustainability features, a testament to the culture of sustainability Brenntag is striving for.

Our second nomination at the Making Pharmaceutical Awards is for Innovation in Distribution, a nomination that considers the way Brenntag approaches the distribution of chemical products and the steps we take as a business to make the process efficient.

This particular nomination was given for our implementation of the Brenntag Mobile Management Delivery System which was rolled out throughout 2018 across our entire network. Our goal was to implement a mobile solution to rationalise business processes across different fleets and remove the need for drivers to handle paper documentation- which is yet another sustainability initiative generated by our teams. The System App ensures that drivers follow our specified safety and compliance checks before departure and at the customer site. As a result, we now have full transparency of our delivery and collection process in real-time and can react quickly to any exceptions as they arise. Brenntag is the first chemical distributor in the UK to go live with this revolutionary delivery management system.

Safety of our employees, our business partners and public will always remain our first priority; the Brenntag Mobile Delivery Management System supports our activities and our safety goals.

We’re delighted to be recognised for our continued developments and look forward to the Award Ceremony dinner.